Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten" Review

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Original Date Of Release (In Europe): September 6, 2004

01-These Words
03-I'm A Bomb
05-I Bruise Easily
06-If You're Gonna
07-Silent Movie
08-We're All Mad
09-Frogs & Princes
10-Drop Me In The Middle (featuring Bizarre of D12)
11-Wild Horses
12-Size Matters

You met Ashlee Simpson through her sister, Jessica.  Now you'll know Natasha Bedingfield through her brother, Daniel.  Daniel had hits like "Gotta Get Thru This" and "If You're Not The One".  Now, this is all about Natasha.  Her debut album "Unwritten" is full of hits.  Her first three singles, "Single," "These Words" and "Unwritten" all went top 10 in the UK, including "These Words" getting to the top spot for 2 weeks.  Besides those three singles, she has many other brilliant tracks.  One is Natasha mixing it up with D12 rapper, Bizarre on a hot track called "Drop Me In The Middle".  She also shows you her vocal diversity on "If You're Gonna".  If you're looking for a pop album that's fun and has great vocals, "Unwritten" is for you.