Avril Lavigne "Under My Skin" Review

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Original Date Of Release: May 25, 2004

01-Take Me Away
03-Don't Tell Me
04-He Wasn't
05-How Does It Feel?
06-My Happy Ending
07-Nobody's Home
09-Who Knows?
10-Fall To Pieces
11-Freak Out
12-Slipped Away

Avril is back with her sophomore musical adventure. Her second album proved to be even better than the original. This teen rocker's newest album has already released three exciting singles. The dramatic "Nobody's Home" appeals to the feeling of being lost out there in the world where no one who cares. "Don't Tell Me" however is a more powerful song about sexuality, in this case a woman's choice to not have sex despite the pressure from her boyfriend. Her other single "My Happy Ending" is another relationship song. In this case this relationship has proven to be less that it was cracked up to be. Happily ever after is so elusive, and this song expresses that theme very well. Over all Avril has really made this album much more personal and real than her first attempt, and has staked her claim in the music world that she has the talent to last.