Green Day "American Idiot" Review

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Original Date Of Release: September 21, 2004


01-American Idiot 
02-Jesus Of Suburbia
03-City Of The Damned         
04-I Don't Care         
05-Dearly Beloved         
06-Tales Of Another Broken Home         
08-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
09-Are We Waiting? 
10-St. Jimmy
11-Give Me Novacaine
12-She's A Rebel
13-Extraordinary Girl
15-Wake Me Up When September End
16-The Death Of St. Jimmy         
17-East 12th St.         
18-Nobody Likes You         
19-Rock And Roll Girlfriend         
20-We're Coming Home Again         

This is the way music should be going.  Instead of a nice, radio-friendly (i.e. boring) album, Green Day has put out one of the most innovative and addictive cd's of the new decade.  The title song, which many reviewers are slamming, is the perfect tune to open the album. From the catchy chorus to the excellent drum track, and the great guitar work, American Idiot just clicks!  You will not be able to get this tune out of your head! "Jesus of Suburbia" is amazing. The time changes, the lyrics, the variety of muscial styles.....you just have to hear this tune.  If you are looking for an answer to today's American Idol-Jessica-Ashlee-Simpson-Spears-Timberlake no-talents...then treat yourself to some music that will get your blood pumping...music that features actual musicians.  Pick up American Idiot!