Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled" Review

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Original Date Of Release: November 15, 2004

01- Lose My Breath
02-Soldier (featuring T.I. & Lil' Wayne)
03-Cater 2 U
05-Is She The Reason?
07-Bad Habit
10-Through With Love
12-Game Over

After doing several solo projects ranging from music albums to acting in movies, the ladies of Destiny's child finally got back together to do a fourth album. Their newest outing is known as Destiny Fulfilled which to some might think it hints to be a last album for the group. However with the singles "Lose My Breath" and "Soldier" already getting lots of air time, it seems the ladies of Destiny's Child are still holding strong. Though both of their first two singles are up tempo dance songs, the majority of the album is ballads. The trio sings of love and relationships in several strong ballads such as "Love" and "Cater 2 U". The ladies also get really steamy with hot tracks such as "T-Shirt". This latest album is a noble effort, but somewhat lacks the power of Survivor. Michelle has almost been cut out of this project, her solo's are short, and usually Beyonce starts singing half way through her verse-though despite that the songs are still great. All Destiny's Child fans should check it out, and perhaps it will make some new fans as well!