Gwen Stefani "Love, Angel, Music, Baby" Review

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Original Date Of Release: November 23, 2004

01-What You Waiting For?
02-Rich Girl (featuring Eve)
03-Hollaback Girl
05-Bubble Pop Electric
07-Harajuku Girls
09-Real Thing
11-Danger Zone
12-Long Way To Go (featuring Andre 3000)

It would seem to be a no-brainer that Gwen Stefani's solo would be a breakout.  She's a versatile vocalist with a huge built-in fan base as lead singer of No Doubt, plus she borrowed the band's bass player, Tony Kanal.  Sadly, it turned out to fizzle. It starts off with "What You Waitin For?" with dance music by Nellee Hooper.  After being inspired in Japan, Stefani includes her friends, the Harijuku girls in her album, mentioning their "wicked" style, as well as including some Japanese lyrics here and there.  Stefani also teams up with Eve in the single "Rich Girl".  The album awkwardly shifts gears with nearly every track.  "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." bears out an inescapable truth in popular music: There's no such thing as a sure thing.