Kelly Clarkson "Breakaway" Review

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Original Date Of Release: November 30, 2004

02-Since U Been Gone
03-Behind These Hazel Eyes
04-Because Of You
07-Where Is Your Heart?
08-Walk Away
09-You Found Me
10-I Hate Myself For Losing You
11-Hear Me
12-Beautiful Disaster (Live)

The first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has come out with another album, Breakaway.  It contains twelve songs, including the hit, "Breakaway" which is wonderful track about a girl from a small town doing well on her own.  "Since U Been Gone," "Addicted" and "Gone" are possibly the other highlights of a decent album.  Now that Clarksons a few years older, she brings more authenticity to her songs.  So far, the first and most successful American Idol's second album has been a hit.