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X-Treme: Episode 17

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Look at the first key then getting up to the final mission, They're probably gonna blow it. Mother nature is raining and then stopping. They have to walk across both things for 90 minutes. They get two chances to go over both bridges. Patrick tries to go first. He's basically the dummy. Some of the boards break. Patrick goes over the crazy shit. He starts pushing the boards back. Patrick did bridge one. Now they have 77 minutes left. Derrick starts moving the boards along. Jodi is next. Jodi falls. This bitch is gonna screw this whole fucking thing up. I've always hated her dumb bitch ass.

Jodi is near the end, hanging and all that good shit. She admits she wasted like 5 minutes. Nick needs to zoom along. Nick looked down. They're at like 56 minutes. Angela is next up. She's taking so much time. Everybody is trying to help. She stops in the middle. They try to confrot her. They''re at 45 minutes left. They have 41 minutes left to go across bridge two. Jillian falls. She falls again, she's done. Her and Patrick are moving along. PAtrick says him and Jillian are the strongest pairing. That's just a sack of shit. The bridge breaks and it's on it's side. now Patrick is helping this skinny ass girl across. They have like 29 minutes left. Nick and Angela are up next. She's saying it sucks. They're at like 19 minutes. Nick and Angela fall off. Anegla says it sucks that everybody is pissed off. Derrick and Jodi are talking about being the first Road Rules to not win the final mission. Jodi lost her shoes when the bridge breaks. Jodi says she's freaking out all over the fucking place. Nick & Angela have 9 minutes. Jodi is worried about losing. She says that there may be some ass-kicking if they lose.

There we go. Nick & Angela across part 1. They're closing across the sliding thing. Now time for the bridge. Angela and Nick actually make it across. They did the thing in 87:33. The now have to go to some place to get their X-Treme prize. They're all confused about what's in the box. They satrt putting shit in the slots. They have to put the things in order they were completed. They turn the final one together. They're getting cars. They gotta go back to California. Angela is in her hot blue car. Patrick got X and goes into the car. Look back at all the dramatics that happened. Losing all the fucking missions. Jodi saying she's stronger than she thought. Derrick says Road Rules made him a better person.