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San Diego: Reunion Episode
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Time for a reunion for the San Diego cast.  Brad, Cameran, Jaquese, Randy, Robin, Jamie, Charlie and Frankie all there.  Brad thinks it's a good vibe.  Frankie looks good and excited.  Brad and Cameran being flirty with each other.  Even in the bathroom.  Then Andrea visiting.  They're just horrible together.  It's all Cameran's fault.  Cameran and Brad speak on this.  BRad calls it difficult.  They both took a piss.  That's great.  Jaquese said it was a bit quick for that.  Randy says peeing in front of each other is passed kissing.  Cameran pretended not to care.  She calls Andrea a ho.  Brad and Andrea are not friends anymore.  Now Randy and Robin.  Jaquese and Cameran making fun of them.  And of course... BOOM BAZOOKA JOE!  Robin cursing out some bitch.  That was fucking classic.  They were too wasted and Boom! Bazooka Joe means the cameraman came in.  They were cuddling buddies.  She went nutso on him.  Mike is in Iraq since Febuary.  It's very long distance.  They make fun of the relationship.  Frankie and Brad.  That was like day two.  She even felt up Randy.  Adam and her kissing.  Dave and Frankie are still together.  They had long talks and fights.  Cameran found what they were a strange couple.  Jacquese said it kept the love together.  Robin says he got lots of booty.  Jacquese is doing all this alone shit.

Robin gets arrested and Brad gets arrested.  Randy tells Jacquese that Brad got arrested.  Robin is in jail.  Brad's laughing while Robin's in jail.  Randy is shocked he didn't get arrested.  Brad is talking about people cursing his ass out.  They provoked him.  They thought it was an amp.  Frankie said her and Randy probably would have gone first.  Robin explains her thing.  She appologizedand all that shit.  They're laughing at the demonstration on the cop.  Robin said she never got jailed before.  She doesn't feel responsable.  Jaquese says she was talking smack too.  She called them Porky Pig and shit.  That's fucking hilarious.  Frankie was drunk and laughing.  She said she would have been the same if Jamie was next to her.  Jacquese says Randy told him they probably changed his name and shit.  They wanted to get her out after.  Randy picked her up.  It was like $100 cab ride.  Robin's like she would do the same, Brad says she wouldn't.  Jacquese was like looking through doors and shit.  This was fucking hilarious.

The trip to Greece.  They say trips are to be relaxing and everybody was crazy.  Frankie stands up for Robin.  Frankie was pissed at Brad and Randy.  She calls Randy a fucking drunk which is absolutely true.  Frankie says it was great.  It was fucking sarcasm off the tea.  She was happy.  Frankie wanted to party less.  So her fun is true.  Jacquese says he's upset that his relationship with everybody but Frankie is similar.  Robin wants to connect with Frankie.  She hates nobody and she threw Frankie's stuff away.  Robin says it was squashed with an e-mail.  Randy was upset at the drunk thing.  Frankie says that she came up because Robin called her a bitch.  She pulled them out of the club do to production.  She really is a good person.

Frankie was the first in a while to leave by choice.  Frankie was torn between staying and going.  Her family coming and her saying they hate her.  She's too punk rock for this.  Frankie says it because people at home said it to her.  She says it wasn't them.  She couldn't stand her being upset with herself.  Cameran thinks she expected them to not accept her.  Frankie says if she didn't go they wouldn't have met Charlie.  Jacquese says the love isn't the same back and forth.  Frankie says she doesn't want to hide from herself.  She says them trading numbers were different.  Jamie wanted to be close with Frankie.  Watching that one episode hurt her.  They call her a wonderful person because she felt she screwed up so bad there.  She felt leaving was the best for her.  Robin says they were so much in common.  Charlie was an oddball.  Cameran being a pissed off bitch.  Charlie brought "the neighbor".  They all call them girlfriends.  The week after they were done.  Cameran says you mess with her money and it's a wrap.  They all laugh when she says she didn't mean to break the guitar.  He loved the experience.  Although it was like 4 episodes.

Now the fucking job they all hated.  How funny was that.  Six for quitting this job and one not.  Cameran and Robin falling into the ocean.  Cameran still hates it.  They couldn't laugh or whatever.  Robin says at first it was interesting.  The people wanted to know about the cast and shit.  Cameran's idea for jumping in the ocean.  The production crew took off their mics.  Jacquese called them when they came home.  Jacquese only would quit for Frankie's health.  Now a mystery trip to Mexico.  Charlie was there.  They got a hotel room and everything.  These people are fucking nuts.  Brad says Jamie wants to fuck him.  How funny is that?  She says make out and fuck are two different things.  Brad said that shit to everybody.  That was hilarious.  They were hilarious.  Jamie admits to wanting to hook up with Brad.  Robin though Randy wanted Cameran.  He has no type.  It was the same girls all over.  Jacquese still makes fun of the girl with a fake tooth.  Jacquese says he can sorta swim now.  Well, that's grand.