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X-Treme: Episode 05
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Oh the eating shit, how lovely.  Who would want to eat that shit?  I would fucking flip, basically because I don't like that shit.  They lose the mission and Danny is upset as hell.  Now the girls talk about the mission.  Ibis and Jodi and Kina talk about Danny.  They say, they can't tell Danny it's not his fault when it is.  Danny talks about guys.  They have a thing called earmuffs and blindfolds.  This is fucking ridiculous.  He feels left out because he's gay.  Oh shit, air place.  This better not be flying shit.  A branch is on the car, how great.  The windsheild is cracked and the thing is fucked up.  Nobody was hurt.  The tree is out of the ground and this lady wants money.  Ibis is like a translater.  They take Derrick away, this is great.  Now they're at 5.  Well, that fucking sucks. 

Kina says things are nuts.  This misison has 5 people.  They have to find the extreme key and they get to go on a European adventure.  One puzzle solver and 4 artists.  Jodi hates puzzles.  They're screwed.  They have to flip in the air and draw.  They have 10 seconds.  What the fuck is wrong with this shit?  Danny wants to prove, he's not the weakest link.  Now Derrick filling out the report.  They take his lisence.  This sucks.  Ibis has to draw a flag.  Then a tree.  Now a snail.  Lastly, a house.  She's good.  Now it's Patrick's turn.  Derrick tries to get to the mission.  No idea where she's going.  Kina is going now.  She says she's sick as hell.  Derrick's in the wrong place.  He's running all over.  This is great.  He hops in a car, and is off. Danny's turn lastly.  Danny's time to step up is now.  He likes this crazy shit.  Some people started early and lost pictures.  How fucking crazy. 

Kina started a bit early.  She thinks if she ucks up, it's her fault.  Derrick is broke and is screwed.  15 minutes to figure it out.  15 minutes to find it.  Kina got the clues, no problem.  She's climbing a tree.  Now she's looking for a snail.  She starts fucking digging.  Run, bitch, run.  They got a key and the round trip tickets.  Danny has the best drawing.  He really helped this mission.  They got an extreme key.  They're happy they're all staying.  They run into Derrick.  They're staying in a hotel.  Danny is upset because he doesn't feel like he's being accepted.  The girls tell Danny to tell Derrick.  Derrick is pissed, and says he doesn't want to hurt anybody.  Derrick says he's gonna stop.  They get an X-treme van.  How fucking corny that is.