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San Diego: Never Seen Stuff

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Jeez, it starts with Brad talking to his mom about the show.  A whole school is watching.  Cameran said they boogie boarded down the stairs.  That was fucking insane.  They poured Hot Sauce in Randy's mouth.  Randy was so asleep.  Brad and Randy were planning to get a fish and put it in Cameran's bed.  Robin dresses up as Brad and Cameran as Randy.  These chicks are fucking crazy.  Robin did the better job.  Frankie and the girls pour shit all on Brad's bed.  Cameran, Robin and Frankie are cracking up.  Brad got fucking pissed off.  Cameran was spraying that shit all over him.  He peed in the fucking garbage can.  What a fucking crazy bastard.  Randy passed out on the bus.  Cameran put makeup on him.  That shit was fucking hilarious.  Cameran put makeup on Brad too.  They were antique Randy.  They put the vibrator under Cameran's matress.  She got fucking pissed.  She's screaming and cursing.  These guys are fucking rolling and shit.

They see a walrus and it kissed Cameran's hand.  Jaquese had gas and he wanted to fart and tells people to back up.  Cameran stinks.  She pours champaigne on her head.  This chick is fucking insane and flipping out.  Jacquese is on the floor, rolling.   She has episodes and freaks out.  She wanted to go on some fishing boat.  Then she starts cursing at him.  They start telling her what to say and it's fucking crazy.  Now she's being a fucking cheerleader.  Frankie then started to talk in cheer.  Cameran then calls Brad and Randy pot smokers.  That was flipping out.  Cameran then decides to hit Brad in the balls.  Jaquese and Charlie basically threatened her to not do it.  Randy says she loved the reaction.  Cameran admits to having a crush.  Randy tells Cameran that that's not a healthy way of expressing love.  She hit him in the balls with a wooden spoon.  There's something wrong with this bitch.

Frankie biting Jacquese's ass.  Cameran talks to Jaquese when he's drunk.  It's so fucking hilarious.  Jacquese threw up.  He was in the hot tub and chilling while Brad and Cameran were making out.  This fight breaks out.  Robin vs. Cameran.  Jamie put the key in Robin's purse.  Robin threw one of Jamie's shoes and that was fucking hilarious.  Brad and Frankie are fighting while in Greece.  It's fucking crazy.  They're cursing each other out.  Cameran's like crying.  Randy is a fucking drunk.  They do drink all the time.  Sail a fucking boat.  What a bunch of fucking shit.  Randy wrote a note to Frankie.  She wrote him a note back.  Jaquese went to a jewelry shop and started signing autographs and giving him jewelry.  They thought he was Nelly and pretended to sing.  That was so fucking insane.  Jacquese spit in Jamie's face by accident and they both start cracking up.  They play truth or dare.  Jamie and Jaquese are gonna mate and have babies.  Jaquese met a chick and this chick is underage.  They break the new to him.  Jamie said all the guys she met weren't cool.  She forgot a dudes name too.  How fucking hilarious. 

Jacquese and Cameran were playing around.  She wanted to see black cock.  Cameran put on Randy's "man panties".  They said it always smelled.  They had maggots when they came back from Greece.  Cameran and Robin never cleaned.  Brad says they ddin't do shit.  Cameran was in the bathroom hiding.  Jaquese said they never had toilet paper.  Jamie said the guys weren't cleaner.  They cleaned up the mess with the Shop-Vac.  What the fuck is this shit.  Cameran got suctioned up.  That shit is fucking hilarious.  Robin tried to clean off a rabbit and shit.  She like killed the rabbit.  They like throw it into the ocean.  That's fucking insane.  They then lit a mouse on fire.  These people are fucking insane.  Cameran cracks up about the Britney Spears thing.  Troy fell in the water and Brad goes "ooh".  What the fuck is that.

Brad then shaved his balls.  People yelled at the cast.  Cameran and Randy were waiting for a cab and started cursing them out.  They went around the car and saying "Fuck You Real World".  Everybody got into fights because of this shit.  Brad then starts cursing back at hecklers.  These are a bunch of fucking losers.  Brad and Randy's friends got into a fist fight.  Jaquese says they hated on them because they didn't get casted.  Jamie was cursing people out too.  Jacquese is like it's the girl with the fake tooth.  This girl is full of shit.  This was a whole fucking hoax.  They decide to fucking leave.  Jamie calls it like a three month diary.  They all are like you know what you're going into and shit.