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X-Treme: Episode 06

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Them crashing the RV.  Now the fucking retard van.  That's like the short buses.  Them losing the eating cow balls and all that shit.  Derrick's stupid ass needs to bounce the fuck out.  They're driving 20 fucking hours.  How ridiculous is that?  They're fucking mooning people.  That shit is fucking hilarious.  They think they're running in the desert.  What the fuck kinda shit is that?  Ibis says Danny shouldn't worry, but you can't help it.  Danny has to work his ass off in the next mission.  There is an ambulance there.  Jodi thinks she's bad ass.  They have to do 3 pairs and get timed.  20 minutes or less for 9 laps.  The driver has to let the passanger know when to gas and break.  Derrick and Ibis, Kina and Jodi, Patrick and Danny.  Derrick is driving and Ibis is riding sidecar.  This mission is fucking crazy.  Lap 1 is 2:03 for them.  Time for lap two.  1:52 on the second lap.  The car is fucking dead.  They're fucking screwed.

Lap three took 3:26.  7:21 for the first team.  Patrick is driving with Danny on the side.  1:54 for the first lap.  Pretty good.  1:56 on the second lap.  1:53 for the third lap.  5:43 on the second team.  It's 13:04 total.  Jodi drives and Kina is sidecar.  Jodi's turns are crazy.  3:13 on the first lap.  Jodi is worried to hell.  2:04 on the second lap.  They have to get it in 1:38.  They are scared as fuck about this shit.  They're doing great and the fucking car crashes.  Oh the irony of that shit.

the girls are crying.  Jodi is so upset that she lost the mission.  hey help flip the car over.  They failed the mission.  They have four hours to vote somebody off.  Danny is upset.  He says the weakling is Jodi.  Kina talks with Danny about it.  Jodi talks to Derrick.  Derrick says Jodi may have to worry.  Derrick votes for Danny.  Patrick votes for Danny.  Danny votes Jodi.  Ibis votes Danny.  Kina votes Danny.  Danny walks out and tears up and starts to pack.  This bullshit is rigged.  Fuck these jagoffs.  Everybody is upset.  Ibis says she's gonna miss him.  Derrick says they built a relationship.  Kina says it will be less fun without him.  Danny drives away in the car.  That sucks