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Week 01: Power of Veto

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Jase is the first asshole.  Michael reveals the discovery with Jennifer.  He had to choose between his sister and the jackasses.  Jase talks about the nominations.  Jase called Mike a sneak in the grass.  Good, now shut the fuck up.  Jase calls Jennifer a pawn.  Jennifer has been told she is safe.  Karen says now the official game is on.  Jase calls Mike a sceamer.  Hopefully his ass goes.  Mike tells Marvin that he was gonna go up.  Will thinks Mike should turn everybody on them.  Mike thinks it's an easy win for them.  What a fucking idiot.  They all get up and leave Mike alone.  They all want the veto.  Jase wanted Diane to sweat it out.  She's a silly bitch.  Diane thinks her ass was close to being up.  She decides to ignore his ass.  He says Jase and Scott would be up without a thought.  Adria is being an aerobics teacher and shit.  Holly finds in fun.  Drew thinks Adria could kick his ass.  Marvin calls Adria big bootylicious.  Mike lashed out at Scott.  How fucking stupid is he?  Mike is fucking crazy.  Mike called Michael and Jennifer the weakest players.  What a fucking shmuck.  Please berid the house of this asshole.
Holly says some bitch was gonna call the police because she changed a manican in front of the window.  Lori says she's the weirdest person ever.  She says the most random and retarded shit in the world.  Diane says everything Holly does get on her nerves.  She says she loves the animals.  Marvin calls her a smart bitch.  Will says Holly's reality is so surreal.  She has a friend of hers has a manican too, and they should hook up.  Will says it just gets crazier and crazier.  This bitch is fucking crazy.  Michael trusts Jennifer and it's like a two-way street.  Jennifer doesn't think they can bond inside the house.  Michael doesn't want them to be seen as an alliance.  He doesn't want Jennifer out first.  They gotta gather for the Power of Veto.  Only 6 people compete for the veto, the HoH, the nominees and they each get to pick somebody.  Mike thinks it betters the odds.  Mike picks Holly.  What the fuck is he on.  Mike calls Jase out.  He's a fucking moron.  Jase is gonna pick Scott.  Jase wants to keep Mike up.  Holly doesn't need to try that hard to lose.  What a fucking dumbass.
They are starting to to think Will is gay.  Marvin pretends he knew.  Will says Mike is a smart man.  Mike says that it was a great discussion.  They're all hating the peanut butter and jelly diet.  Lori thinks she's a major target.  There is so much food.  They have food for a week.  Holly said she was gonna cry because it was so bad.  They all decided to pig out.  Adria says it's a battle of the sexes.  They want the guys to get picked off one by one.  They want to pick them off one by one.  Adria, Diane and Jennifer talk together.  Diane wants to pick one off at the next HoH.  These are some really smart women.
Nominees and HoH get up and they each get a pick.  Jase picks Scott.  Mike picks Holly.  Jennifer picks Drew.  Look at this crazy shit they have to do.  Will says it's a small retirement home.  There are 4 zones.  They have to ring one.  Drew is first.  Drew gets one in Zone one.  He challenges Mike.  Mike gets zone 3.  He gets Zone 3 again.  He challenges Jase now.  Jase gets zone 3 as well.  So they both remain.  Scott gets nothing.  Now Holly goes.  Jennifer gets none.  Mike starts again.  Another zone 3.  He challenges Jase again.  Jase gets zone 4.  He took Mike out and his ass is gone.  Scott gets zone 2.  She got zone 1 and that's good.  Jase gets zone 1.  Karen says that she was happier that she was happy it the hoops matcher her shirt then the competion.  Scott got zone 3 and Jase got none.  Scott got the first Veto.  That's 4 girls in the girls union.  Lori, Diane, Jennifer and Adria make four.  Will doesn't want to blow it up.  He wants to be in the girl power alliance.  Diane saying they'll take Drew and Will as far as they can.  Jase comes in.  Now Jase wants the girl alliance done.  What a fucking idiot.
Jennifer wants to change her hair.  Marvin says that's strong shit.  She wanted orange, but she got green.  Oh well.  Scott has thought of all the situation.  They first want to put Adria up and take Mike off.  I think it's bull.  Will says everybody is sure that they'll stay up and they're safe.  That's obviously true.  Scott talks shit.  What a fucking idiot.  He doesn't use it and basically that says bye bye to Mike.  They're not gonna keep this shit up.  Will wants the battle of the sexes happen.