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Week 02: Eviction and Head of Household

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Tension in the house.  Mike talks shit.  Oh just quit your bitching, you asshole.  Michael and Jennifer keep their relationship on the DL.  Scott won the veto, although I hate him.  Let's fucking go and move on with this joint.  It's been over a week and it's time to lose a soldier.  Jennifer and Mike are up, and we know all this shit.  Project DNA time.  Twins are swapping places.  How great is that?  Jase is like a leader.  Why the fuck is he being a puppet master?  Michael tells Jennifer that this game is a mental game.  Marvin thinks the only reason for Jennifer to go is she has a brother.  She's trying to get in with the boys and the girls.  Will thinks Jennifer is a floater trying to connect with anybody.  Will doesn't care who goes.  Holly is like serving Jase.  Lori thinks they're both nuts.  That's so fucking obvious.  She says they're so annoying.  Holly just says random shit.  The girls think they're annoying.  They don't know what the hell is going on between them.  Mike says the only alliance is Jase and Scott.  Lori now doesn't want Mike voted out.  Mike then talks to Drew.  They (Scott and Jase) think it'll be unanimous.  What fucking idiots.  Michael hopes she stays, but they can always talk outside the house.  Lori says she had little regrets at the beginning,  Now she's glad about taking the money.  Scott says the girls look great, so they gotta look better.  Just get to the next damn thing.  Marvin, Holly, Lori and Scott all talk about why each should go.
Again with the same Michael and Jennifer stuff.  Guy is glad Big Brother did this.  He wish he knew about him.  Michael's mom is happy that it brought them together.  His mom tells her side of the story.  His mom thought it was great that he was questioning him.  Guy says that they're both energetic and positive.  This whole thing is great.  Both families hope it expands their relationship.  Karen, Adria and Drew are voting.  Karen says Jennifer has nipple piercings.  That's so fucking hilarious.  Jase is in his Head of Household room.  Everybody else can't hear it.  He showed the stuff to his horseman.  He said people weren't real towards everybody else.  He wanted to blow it the first 6 weeks.  He wants to build trust.  What a fucking asshole.  Now Will, Diane and Michael are talking about their votes. 
Soon, somebody is gonna go home.  Time to talk to both.  Mike's kissing their ass, what a fucking liar.  Jennifer hwants to hang out with everybody if she goes.  Everybody voted for Mike.  Holly grabs onto Mike.  That was fucking great.  Holly said oh shit.  They all stand around and chit chat.  Jase says he's drunk.  Mike thinks it was a series of problems with Jase.  He says he misses his wife and kids.  He says it was so hard to do that.  Mike said Marvin was the best part.  They made a goodbye tape.  Holly says she misses the animal talk.  Marvin says he liked him.  Will says he was the only one to have smart chat.  Drew said he was a father figure.  Diane says they hope to see each other after.  Scott says he was right.  Mike said he planted the seed.  He wants to see anybody but them to win.  Head of Household competion is next.  Tell us the fucking twin shit, please.
Head of Household time.  Jase can't compete.  Majority rules.  They ask questions about opinions of people.  What more people agree.  Wrong, and you're done.  Simple as that.  Red is Scott, Green is Jase.  Scott is correct.  Scott, Adria, Drew and Will are out.  Diane is red or Green for Drew.  Diane picked herself, and everybody picked Drew.  Marvin is red, Jennifer is green for who hates PB&J more.  Karen and Jennifer are out.  Scott is red, Holly is green.  It's a tie.  Marvin is red, Karen is green.  Everybody picked Marvin.  Will is red, Jennifer is green.  Tie again.  Tie breaker time.  They have to get the closest to the number without going over.  If they all go over, closest wins.  Yellow food balls, in the first game.  The answer is 100.  Marvin won.  Fuck that shit.
Again with the brother/sister shit.  A second twist.  They've switched 3 times so far.  The twin is secluded.  Both twins can play as individuals, but nobody knows.  They talk about twins.  Tget all say they have a twin.  Adria and Natalie switch several times.  5 key things that will help the other.  5 weeks they can play together.  They think it's hard.  Adria is in the diary room and Natalie is outside.  Nobody has caught on.  Hats and glasses to hide shit.  They have to counteract as each other.  They'll see them switch live.  This is fucking classic.  Julie is being such a cunt and rushing them.  What a bitch.