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Gauntlet: Episode 08
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Mike talks shit about wanting to kill Road Rules and Real World sucks. Coral feels she's next. Which sucks, because Trishelle is a bitch. Mike is such an ass. He knows Elka is better than Trishelle and he's voting with his dick. Coral is not the week link. Your penis is.

Mission time. Red Baron is pretty good concept. I have no clue what the fuck a dog fight is, but it's fun. Adam is like 2 about flying a plane. Abe too. What is with this guns guns guns shit? Theo is right. You need the win. You better not lose anybody. Cara, Sarah and Darrell don't wanna do this. Real World is just randomly saying things. LT is a jackass. Can he stop talking shit about the order. Coral looks hot in her little get up. Abram is a cock bastard. Alton does lose, sadly. Oh well. I've never flown. I'd puke looking at all these angels and junk. That retarded guns voice is fucked. Theo has a good quote. "I know you're used to getting at it, but not getting it up in the air." Adam wins, what's that all about? Rachel gets big props. This mission makes Real World look like jackasses.

Nathan better win, which he does. FUCK THIS GOD DAMN TALLYHO SHIT. Knock Rachel out! Now the real Rachel takes out Steve. Coral knows if she doesn't win she might go back to the gauntlet. She's gonna get in the zone. She beats LT's ass. Shoot his fucking ass down. Mike knocks out Dave. Mike still has been pissing me off. Irulan wanted to smoke that fool (Veronica). It's a tie. Roni vs. Norman. Sadly, Roni knocks out my hommie, Norman. 20G's to 60's. Nate kicks ass and saves himself as does Adam. I think Adam is a jackass and should go to the gauntlet even though he got that shit. Trishelle talks so much shit. She votes for herself and calls Coral out. Mike is a moron. Again, penis talking. Coral intimidating Trishelle is the best thing ever. I WAS LIKE BIIIIIIITCH! That shit rocks.

Coral replies back and votes Trishelle. Irulan and Alton voted for themselves. Norman voted Trishelle, thankfully. Rachel votes for Trishelle because she volunteered. Theo and Norman vote Trishelle too. Mike pulls out a bullshit excuse and votes Irulan. Corals point is true. Everytime somebody volunteered he supported them, except this time. LT kissing ass is bullshit. That just proves Veronica and him are safe and Steve goes.

Gauntlet time. Steve is a jackass with his puzzles are fun. Perfect fit is so easy. Trishelle is good at somethings. Like giving blowjobs. Steve should've won. That bitch won without problem. Steve is so perfect. He lost to Trishelle. Sarah's quote was the best, "who thought Trishelle would be good at puzzles?" Steve can't live down his loss to Trishelle. Irulan, Alton and Norman talking is so funny. Norman said, I'm fucking Trishelle. It's so funny. Please vote Trishelle, Mike.