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Week 02: Food and Nominations

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Recap of Mike and Jennifer being nominated.  Michael puts his relationship with Jennifer on hold.  Holly and Jase becoming a couple.  Marvin becoming the first HoH.  Adria and Natalie swapping, yet again.  Now let's get it started.  Jase didn't want to see Mike go, but it was great.  Holly said she felt sorry for him.  Marvin said it ain't me, so I ain't gonna cry.  Scott didn't say goodbye because he didn't like him.  Jennifer got props from everybody.  Lori said Jennifer held herself together.  Jase was happy everybody voted for him.  Drew said things are more realistic now.  Marvin winning HoH.  Marvin is an "outer horsemen".  Drew is upset he didn't make it further.  Karen is kinda scared.  Lori wanted anybody else but Marvin.  Jase thinks Marvin is gonna be a great HoH.  Lori, Diane and Holly are scared.  Holly wants to be nice but not too nice to seem fake.  Adria feels odd coming back.  She likes to drink a lot of water.  She's trying to cover up things.  Everytime it gets harder.  Marvin loves the pictures.  Holly says he has southern snacks.  Karen talks to Will about the guys kissing ass.  Will, Karen and Lori don't want any of them to go.  Will says he'll go, because he's sick of the guys shit.  They're full of shit.
They ran out of food quickly.  They throw out the fish because it smells.  It's time for the good food competion.  They all get bandanas.  Michael loved the scenery.  Looks like they're on a farm.  If you get it in a "Bad Egg" basket, all the shit dumps out.  Holly kissed the chicken and that shit was hilarious.  Lori went first.  She got beer.  Holly missed.  Karen got fruits & vegetables.  Drew got pasta.  Jennifer says she sucked hardcore.  Michael sucked.  Will goes and hits the bad egg.  Lori felt so bad for him.  Everybody's upset.  Scott got Seafood.  Karen got Bacon and sausage.  Jase got milk & butter.  Will is so upset that he screwed it all up.  He goes in the bathroom and crying.  He hates Jase and Scott so much.  He thinks he's an outsider.  Plus they're saying this is gay and all that shit.  He's really upset with these jagoffs.
Drew and Diane are together.  Holly and Jase are hanging out.  Scott feels all alone.  Holly calls Scott cute and shit.  Jase shaves Holly's legs.  She has a Holly book.  What the fuck is going on?  Scott says Jase will crash and burn.  Michael says Jase's head is out in left field.  The guys think Lori and Diane or Lori and Holly.  Scott wants Diane to go home.  Holly said she was upset that Jase was pretending to be a gigilo.  Holly talks to Diane.  She tells her not to play with him.  Holly talks to Jase.  Marvin thinks it's bull.  Jase thinks Holly's playing him and she doesn't want to get hurt.  She's not stupid, she knows what she's got going for her.  Jase thinks Dr. Phil can't save those two.  They're both fucking nuts.
Scott wanted to play with Michael's hair.  Will says Michael is dangerous to be on their side.  Michael put racing stripes on his legs.  Lori thinks he's trying too hard to fit in.  HE's just looking for hommies.  Scott & Michael were Skipper & Gilligan according to Karen.  Will says he thinks they'll take care of him.  They take baths together.  There has to be something wrong there.  Jase said that Lori told him about the playing.  Lori doesn't want this to be misconstrued.  She would prefer it to be them and her.  Marvin says Jase/Holly are becoming a distraction.  The horsemen say Lori and Karen.  Marvin says he knows when they were talking strategy.  Marvin says Michael can sway Jennifer.  Jennifer is pissed off because she wants to know who is going up.  Jennifer says if they want her help, they gotta help her.  Marvin asks Adria if she'll vote for Lori.  Marvin felt she was lying.  What an idiot.
Marvin gets to nominate two fools.  Jennifer says he's a smart guy, and hopefully he'll use his head with nominations.  Holly says everybody's scared and looking at each other.  Marvin says the keys are heavy because they represent life.  Karen says Marvin thinks it's all a conspiracy.  Diane is shaking in her panties.  Lori says the guys do lots of ass kissing.  It's all true.  Marvin says it's kill or be killed.  Marvin brings out the box and it is time.  He says it's respectful.  He says queen, how obvious it is.  Diane is safe.  Will is safe.  Jennifer is safe.  Michael is safe.  Drew is safe.  Karen is safe.  Jase is safe.  Adria is safe.  Scott is safe.  Holly and Lori are up.  Marvin calls Lori the strongest person.  Lori calls her one of the most attractive woman he's ever met.  He says if she goes, she'll get more than 5 people.  He says Holly has pull over Jase and all that jazz.  Holly said Marvin has had it out for her.  Lori wants the veto.  Holly says she told her cats about staying.