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X-Treme: Episode 07

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The loss of the RV, which was stupid.  Then the losing the mission.  Then all these fucking stupid asses voting off Danny.  What a bunch of fucking morons.  The dog is eating a stick and they're complaining about the van crawling with bugs.  They say the van smells like ass.  Well, that must be a great scent.  They don't want the new guy.  Please stop being a jackass.  Now Ibis is complaining about him getting immunity.  Boo-fucking-hoo.  Nick is 22 from Michigan.  The RV is back and Nick is right by it.  Nick wants to warm up for the team.  The RV is clean, and they're shocked.  Ibis isn't impressed with him.  He played football, hockey and tennis.  Well, he tells the girls he's gay.  Derrick screams and tells Patrick.  Ibis and Patrick think with their luck, they'll go.  They need to vote off big mouth, dumbass Derrick.

Patrick is bitching about the damn immnunity too.  Patrick and Nick talk about losing a mission and a vote off.  They're all pissed and jealous that Nick is immunity.  They think the next mission has to do with dogs.  And it is dogs.  The girls are like, we have to train the bitches?  That is so fucking hilarious.  They have to fight off the dogs and get a bone.  Ibis thinks these dogs are nuts.  They need to wear safety suits.  This mission is gonna be fucking crazy.  They have one minute and two attempts.  They don't get three bones, they're screwed.  Patrick thinks these dogs are fucking nuts.  Derrick and Ibis are first.  Ibis is running for the bone while Derrick is getting attacked.  They then get another dog getting released once Ibis grabs the bone.  She's fucking scared as hell.  That's fucking great.

Ibis is still getting eaten by the dog.  She fails attempt one.  Ibis is crying because that dog scared the shit out of them.  Jodi and Nick are second.  They have a plan to hide the bone.  Jodi goes in the circle and Nick runs for the bone.  The dog is eating him and he runs past the line.  That was classic.  Kina and Patrick are next.  Jodi is in the circle with the dogs.  Patrick grabs the bone and the dog laches on and he makes it.  Ibis and Derrick have to go again, because they fucked up.  Ibis is going to be in the circle and Derrick will get the bone this time around.  Derrick gets knocked down and he barely passes the line in time.  That was kickass.  They earned another X-Treme key.  They give X a bone.  Nick thinks now he's part of the team, and less of the new guy.  Patrick says he has to earn his keep.