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Week 02: Power of Veto

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Marvin the jackass, winning HoH.  Karen saying Marvin could do anything.  Will says the guys are working Marvin.  Jennifer not sure if she should trust Michael.  Holly and Lori nominated.  That's just fucking great.  Marvin being a jackass at the nomination ceremony.  Holly is fucking crazy.  She's always screaming.  Lori says getting nominated is tough.  Marvin thinks it's because of day one.  That's why Marvin wants him to go.  Diane wants to get Holly out.  Will, Diane and Jennifer will lie to the guys.  Michael talks to Holly because she's upset.  Holly tells Michael that Diane is out to get her.  That's so fucking dead on.  It is a 50/50 chance.  The guys tell Michael to control his sister.  Jennifer basically says that she doesn't want to be control.  Adria, Will, Karen, Diane and Jennifer that they're voting out Lori.  Lori wants to win veto so badly.  Will says they're gonna get picked off one by one.  That's so clear.  Diane loves Drew.  She says she's never seen such a beautiful man.  This bitch is so ugly.  Adria says Drew is an all-american sweetheart.  She says he's the nicest person too.  Will says he's the hottest as well.  They said they'll dumb him off last.  Diane says she doesn't care who wins.  She calls Scott the center of the house.  He hates her.  They're fighting.  She says she's about to get ugly.  Lori is so shocked Scott called her trailer trash.  Diane calls him a meet head.  Which is so evident.  Holly and Jase try to comfort him.  She thinks the way he talks to woman is really disrespectful.  She says it just makes him a bigger target.  Get his pencildick out.

Scott decides to be a fucking moron and do jackass stuff.  Will says he's basically a numnut.  Holly used a big fucking word.  That's absolutely insane.  He talks about being in Playgirl and all that shit.  He's a fucking moron.  He's always looking in the mirror.  He's a fucking moron.  Karen talks to Jennifer because she's the goth kid.  She wants to know if there's some twist to hurt her.  She doesn't think her and Michael can sit in a room together.  She's like her family doesn't kiss ass.  She says she'll vote him out if she has to.  That can be the most evident thing.  Lori now says she wants to go home.  Karen starts crying because she won't have anybody to talk to.  Lori says it's not worth it to her.  Will thinks this plan is blown to hell.  The people talk about getting Diane into their group.  Karen says she has 5 votes in the bag and she's not gonna waste it.  She will leave it as is if she wins veto.  That's fucking dumb.

Marvin calls Adria bootylicious.  Scott loves Adria.  He wants to be his sister.  Diane loves her too.  They switch again.  They want to make it to the halfway point.  They say it's hard to not let their personalities out.  They think they can keep it between them.  Now it's time for the veto.  Marvin picks Drew.  Lori picks Karen because she would keep the veto.  Holly picks Jase because he might save her.  Will is the host of the game.  They basically need to get their ring through the walls.  This is a strategy type thing.  Drew says chaos started with the thing.  Jase wanted to go first.  He loops the rops around his arm.  Karen said she was doing good untiul her and Jase got twisted up.  Jase decided to dig down deep for the veto.  Drew then decided to start helping Jase.  He has won that good old veto.  Holly is so happy Jase won.  Lori says she's getting frustrated with coming in second.  Karen says he's gonna take Holly off.  Adria says Jase and Scott are joined at the hip and shit.  Jase talks to Adria about the thing.  They decide they need to split up Lori and Karen.  Jase tells Marvin the whole thing.  Marvin wants Lori out.  So he goes with the flow and will probably put up Karen.

Karen says she's going insane with all these idiots.  She mimics Holly then Jase.  She's so fucking funny.  She calls them cavemen.  That's fucking hilarious.  Holly wants Jase to take her off.  Holly thinks people will vote for Lori because she wants to go.  She says her chances are okay if he doesn't veto her.  He says she's the mastermind.  Holly is so fucking hilarious it's crazy.  Nothing is official until Jase does what he's gotta do.  Lori doesn't want Jase to use the veto.  Karen wants to start plotting the seeds.  Jase and Scott say if they get Holly off and then win next week, it's game over.  Well, they're stupid.

Jennifer wants a mohawk.  Karen decides to do the cutting.  Holly is like donate it to kids with cancer.  Marvin says it's hot and sexy.  She loves it.  Jase is now looking at the pictures and shit, because it's time to use that good old veto.  Holly doesn't know if he's gonna use it or not.  He let's them both say why they should be taken off.  Lori is just kissing ass.  They all roll their eyes at Holly.  Jase uses the veto to take Holly off.  Marvin picks Karen to go up with Lori.  Karen joins Lori in the nominees chairs.  Marvin says he's pissed off at Jase because he took Holly off.  Karen says her tears are fake.  Will says they need to win HoH so bad next week.  Which is very evident.