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Week 03: Eviction and Head of Household

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Marvin nominating Lori and Holly.  Karen and Will plotting up a storm.  Jase winning the veto and saving Holly.  Marvin bitching and complaining about Jase taking Holly off.  Time to get this joint crunk.  The four horsemen controlling Marvin and Jase saving Holly.  This is all bullshit.  Lori best be getting the stepping.  Jase knew that Lori was the leader of the crew.  The horseasses want Marvin out next.  Who the fuck would throw Star Jones?  Nobody could lift her ass.  Diane wants Drew and Jase up.  Lori appologizes to Karen about the friends and shit.  Lori says getting out now wouldn't be so bad, she can't deal with them.  Marvin thinks Lori may convince Michael.  These people are fucking insane.  Marvin says it's too close to call, it's very apparent of that.  Holly is surprised Jase saved her because he's a drunk.  Jennifer says the boredom has done it to the hair.  Adria says the food is a tad better than PB&J.  Jase, Michael and Diane are first to vote.  Jase calls Lori the female version of him.  Diane wants Lori to stay.  Diane votes for Karen.

Who cares it's project DNA?  2 more weeks to go for Adria and Natalie.  Now let's see the parents reaction.  The mother says the girls fool them too.  The switch on TV was hilarious.  Natalie says it's hard.  Their husbands want to see them both in the house.  They have switched 6 fucking times.  That's fucking amazing.  Marvin in the HoH bedroom.  Marvin was pissed off because Jase took Holly off.  He felt it was difficult to put Karen up.  His job knows a lot of misery so that helps him.  Marvin doesn't trust nobody at all.  He wanst to see Scott win HoH.  He thinks he's pure?  What the fuck is he on?  Drew, Jennifer and Scott has to vote.  Jennifer says Karen has few flaws.  Scott calls Lori attractive.  Scott votes for Lori.

Will is going to vote between Karen and Lori.  Karen calls Will a great human being.  Will says he gets along better with girls than guys.  All three of them want to be honest with each other.  Will talks about the fact that both of his girls are up for nominations.  He doesn't know who he wants to vote off because he loves both of them.  Karen says since she's nominated, she wants to be up there with somebody she loves.  Lori says it's an amazing experience.  Lori says she wishes Karen wasn't there.Adria, Holly and Will time to vote.  Will calls Karen a great listener.  Adria wants Karen to be more agressive.  Will votes for Karen.

Time for somebody to go.  It's gonna be one of my homegirls.  A vote of 7 to 2.  Lori is gone.  Karen is staying.  Lori says she's gonna drink beer and eat pizza.  Holly hugs Karen and things.  Lori was nuts about being nominated.  She then started missing home and all that shit.  She says it was an inner battle.  Lori wishes Jase was out and she was still in.  Michael calls Lori awesome.  Drew says she's an amazing woman.  Jase clals her the complete package.  Scott says she was the ultimate threat to the horsemen.  Will says he will win the game for her.  Lori says it was hard to hear what Holly says.  Lori is shown the Adria and Natalie twist.  Lori will be on House Calls tomorrow.

Now we gotta get to the Head of Household competion.  The game is called higher or lower.  If there number is wrong, they need to leave the game.  How many of the houseguests are married.  Higher or lower than 3.  Holly, Scott and Diane are out.  How many nights have they been in the Big Brother house.  19 nights.  Will is out.  How many attended college of the original 13?  More or less than 9?  Drew is the only one to get it right.  What's going down now that Drew is HoH?  We'll find out shortly.  Drew said it was a guess that he won.  He has no advice for Drew.  Karen says when she said it wasn't her it was more anexity on her.  Drew wants the special stuff.