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Week 03: Food and Nominations

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Lori and Karen battling it out.  Adria and Natalie switching for the sixth time.  Lori, Karen and Will alliance being blown up.  Lori is now gone.  Drew being the next HoH.  Karen felt like she was gonna pass out.  Scott isn't sad they lost Lori.  Jase says he would hang out with Lori outside the house.  Adria calls Lori an asset.  Michael called Lori a threat.  Marvin said Lori was the only person everybody liked.  Diane wants to fight harder with Lori gone.  Karen gotta get some strength.  Jase and Scott are idiots.  Will said what they did was revolting.  Jennifer doesn't think he'll work with the guys.  Karen is hoping she doesn't go up.  Drew says Marvin rubbed him the wrong way.  Will said Drew said he would consider putting Holly up.  Karen doesn't feel safe at all.  Drew wants Marvin and Karen.  Marvin is plotting, but Scott says he has no numbers.  Drew says he wnats it to be his decision.  Adria loves the pillow.  Marvin calls Drew a momma's boy.  Diane says his family is so cute.  Jase wants Adria.  Michael wants Marvin and Diane.  The three guys want Adria and Diane. 

Scott is a fucking liar.  He's making shit up about football.  He's such an idiot.  Somebody shoot this asshole.  Scott now has a fake Big Brother birthday.  He doesn't care about anything.  Holly doesn't want to go beyond cuddling with Jase.  They say Holly is the reason the 4 horseman aren't as close as they were.  Scott and Jase are fighting about Holly.  Drew is worried about Holly hurting the four horsemen.  Michael says he's done everything on his own since 16.  His wife's parents own lots of oil shit.  Marvin talks shit about his family.  Marvin needs to stop being such a jagoff.  Diane and Drew can't talk because neither can't trust the other.  He tells Diane that he does have some feelings towards him.  Diane runs down everybody and why they should go up.  Drew says Holly is full of crap. 

Jase says looking good could be harmful.  Holly says if she looked different, peopel would think different of her.  Holly gives people a chance.  Now food competion.  It's alphabet soup.  They need to go to make words and the vowels are at the bottom.  They have to spell the words correctly and they have 10 minutes.  Marvin gets beer.  Michael gets beef.  Scott fell off the ladder.  Scott gets steak.  Karen found it funny that beef and steak are similar.  Will got eggs.  He felt it was poetic justice.  Scott gets pizza.  Holly got wine.  Karen got cola.  Jennifer got pork.  Marvin got chicken.  Michael got lobster.  Scott misspelled cheese then got it.  Beer, beef, steak, eggs, pizza, milk, apples, wine, cola, pork, chicken, lobster and cheese.  Well that was kinda awkward.  Scott susggests Adria and Diane for nomiantions.  Drew wants to do it from his heart.  Drew thinks it won't look good if he puts up Diane.  Now he's gotta make the choice.

Adria tells Natalie an update.  She goes right into the HoH room.  Drew tells Natalie that he may put Marvin and her up.  Adria tells Drew that she would love to see him in the finals.  Drew says Jase says both sides.  This is bullshit.  Get that asshole out.  Jase said he looked at the wall, that's how he decided.  Drew better make a good decision.  Drew now is thinking about the nomination.  Everybody is uneasy.  Karen says one thing can be rock solid, then change the next week.  Jennifer wants Drew to make a good decision.  Diane wants Holly up.  Holyl is praying it isn't her.  What the fuck took him two hours to do all that?  Drew says the people he put up is for him.  He stutters on his speech and such.  Will is safe.  Jase is safe.  Adria is safe.  Diane is safe.  Scott is safe.  Karen is safe.  Marvin is safe.  Michael is safe.  Holly and Jennifer are nominated.  Drew tells Holly that her actions are why she is nominated.  He nominated Jennifer because of her friendships in the house.  Jennifer finds it hilarious that she's nominated with Holly because of her face, Jase's face and Scott's face.  Scott calls it a stupid move.