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X-Treme: Episode 08

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A look back on some prior missions.  Danny getting the boot and Nick coming.  They say they'll put the 5 names in a hat and whoevers name gets pulled goes.  That's bullshit if one of them fucks up big time.  Jodi's ass needs to go.  It's Kina's birthday and she looks like a princess.  They got her a brownie or some shit.  That's fucking hilarious.  Now they are all at some club.  Kina and Jodi meet a guy who speaks English.  Jodi says she's not interested with in him and then she's making out with him.  Ibis calls her a drunk slut.  That's so fucking classy.  Kina said Jodi may as well had her pants off.  Oh my god, this girl is fucking hilarious.  Jodi tells Kina about the situation.  Kina says it's hard to look at her in the same light.  Patrick says they lose, somebody's gotta go and he doesn't want that.  They need to jump into a diamond from a helicopter.  They have to earn 40 points.  One will be blindfolded the other can see, then the next one is able to see and switched.  Jodi is blindfolded and Patrick is guiding her.  That sucks.

Jodi barely missed the first one.  Patrick barely missed the 5 and now they're screwed.  Patrick is blindfolded now.  He got the five points.  They need 35 points now.  Jodi is going and is unblindfolded.  Jodi missed the targets again.  Kina is going blindfolded.  She barely missed it.  Nick's turn he barely hit it.  They have no margin of error.  All 5's or they're done.  Nick is now blindfolded.  Nick hit the three.  They lost.  It's done and over.  Nick can't vote and can't be voted off.  Ibis says it would be easier to vote.  They want Jodi gone.  Kina and Ibis say it's the easy way out.  Patrick and Derrick talk about their performance.  Derrick, Patrick, Jodi and Ibis talk about voting off Jodi.  It's anything goes at the moment.

Kina and Ibis talk and leave when Jodi comes in.  She talks to Nick and tells him that it's not cool.  Kina likes Jodi but doesn't want to hurt her.  They're still going to pick out of the hat.  That's fucking stupid.  Patrick and  Derek have no balls to vote off Jodi.  They agree on the names in a hat thing.  Kina tells Jodi she didn't have the heart to vote Jodi off.  That goes the same feeling with everybody.  They say it feels good to do it.  They each pick a name from the hat and put it back.  Ibis picks Jodi.  Jodi picks Derrick.  The voting shall continue next week.  This is fucking ridicoulous.  To be continued...