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Week 03: Power of Veto

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Diane tries to convince Drew to nominate Holly.  This is fucking insane.  He put up Jennifer and Holly.  Who is gonna get and use the veto?  Let's wait and see.Drew tells Holly she can change peoples mind and Jennifer because she has homegirls.  Jase tells Drew about he understands.  Holly is completely lost about what the fuck is going on?  He's trying to confort Holly and put this together too.  Jase talks to Drew.  Jase says that Holly could go.  He says he will vote Holly out.  Jase is playing Holly and she says the girls don't give her a chance.  He tells Holly that the boys work together, but this wasn't their decision.  Holly thinks she's getting the screw job and will get 6 votes to her.  Holly tells Drew that he has the wrong conception of her.  Jase and Scott think that putting Holly up was dumb because she's an ally.  DUN DUN DUN.  What will happen in the BB saga?

Will likes blonde guys.  Jase talks about Brad Pitt all the time.  This is fucking hilarious.  Marvin says Jase looks like an armpit.  That's fucking classic.  Jase thinks he looks like Brad Pitt.  Will says his uncle's ass looks more like Brad Pitt.  Drew says he wouldn't know if Jase would pick Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.  Scott feels that this kid, Drew is making the decisions for them.  Jase is pissed to hell because homegirl shouldn't be up but Adria should be.  They tell Drew that Holly isn't as big of a threat as the rest of the other side.  They tell Drew that somebody besides them wins HoH, Jase or Scott is gone.  They try to make him feel bad.  He's so worried about what's going to go down.  He wants to have Holly off the block.  Holly and Jase basically talk about winning the veto for Holly.  Scott and Michael promise Jennifer that she'll be safe next week.  They want Marvin possibly up.  This is just complete bullshit.

Drew knows he has to take Holly off and put up Marvin or Adria.  He knows Adria is the strongest and all his shit.  He makes the final decision and all that shit.  Now it's time for the veto.  Drew picks Scott.  Jennifer picks Adria.  Holly picks Jase.  Jennifer makes fun of Holly.  Marvin is the host.  Jase decides to puke.  That's fucking stupid.  Holly says it's a sweet gesture.  It's like Las Vegas in the Big Brother backyard.  This game is Truth or Bluff.  In the end whoever has the most chips wins.  Drew stole a fucking vacum cleaner.  Holly and Jase have the most chips at the end of round 1.  Scott was counting chips.  Jennifer won the veto.  Jase feels he let the guys down.  They know Drew will vote with them in case of a tie.  The horsemen call Marvin.  He's riding the bus to the half million.  He's the cheerleader.  He's so fucking stupid.  Scott knows, they all know Marvin is gone before Holly.

Diane is kissing ass.  Now Diane is cursing up a storm.  Diane opens her mouth and says there are sides.  Holly calls Diane a bitch.  Holly calls Diane out.  Holly tells Karen she has to make a decision about the sides.  Now it's all coming out.  Diane is becoming such a bitch.  Diane is a fucking idiot.  She pointed at them.  Jase wants to cause doubt between them.  Diane made a big mistake and Will knows it.  She's drunk and crying.  Diane needs to go up, but Drew won't do that to her.

Time for another Adria and Natalie switch.  They fill the other one again.  Drew says he's gonna stop being nice now.  Adria tells him that they should respect their decision.  Drew says Adria is like his sister.  He and Adria talk about the guys.  He says outside the house he hates these guys.  She's planting the seeds in his head.  Jennifer says it's veto ceemony time.  Holly tells Jennifer she should use it on herself.  Jennifer vetos herself.  Drew has to replace her with Adria.  He says he puts her up because she's a strong player.  Jennifer feels bad because she sacrificed herself for Adria.  Drew knows it will probably be a tie and he'll need to break that shit.