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Week 04: Eviction and Head of Household

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Drew shocking the horsemen by putting up Holly and Jennifer.  Scott and Jase being pissed and wanting to take Holly off the block.  Diane kissing Drew's ass.  Diane blew her alliance up.  He put Adria up after Jennifer saved her ass.  Drew thinks he's gonna break the tie.  Natalie comes in if Adria goes.  Adria and Natalie have been swapping in and out.  They knew it would be one in if one was evicted.  That's surprising.  Adria reads a part of the bible to Drew.  She's just kissing ass and buttering Drew up.  Jase says god doesn't want them in the house.  Karen says it's a split house.  Adria wants it to be 5 to 3.  She then starts kissing Marvins ass.  She tries to butter up Michael too.  Then she starts crying.  Michael tells Drew and Scott.  They want Adria to join their side.  Jase says Adria will turn on them like that.  Diane says it's kinda depressing.  Scott says he needs HoH bad.  Michael says Brad Pitt would play him in the Big Brother movie.  Karen wants chocolate , hook the chick up.  Jase, Diane, Scott and Karen vote.  Jase says Holly is cute.  Diane says she attacks her.  Scott says Holly is unique.  Karen says Holly needs everybody to like her.  Jase says Adria is key.  Acott thinks Adria has the power.  Diane wants to keep Adria because she's one of the few ladies who has balls.  I heard Diane had some balls in her mouth last night, Drew's specifically.

Jase has a girl and the horsemen.  Holly is nervous as hell.  Scott says if he was gonna be with a girl he wants to kiss and hug all the time.  He made out with that girl.  They find it funny.  Karen doesn't know if getting rid of her now is the best.  Everybody thinks Holly is playing Jase.  He's a fucking idiot, you're wipped.  Drew stands up to the other guys.  It's bullshit.  Drew is talking to Julie alone.  Drew says this week was the hardest and he wanted to do it for the group.  Drew thinks he's still with the horsemen.  That's pretty clear he isn't.  Drew says he pitties the next HoH.  Well, let's keep it moving on.  Scott shows his ass.  Jase's mom thinks Jase is a completly different person thanhe was on the show.  She didn't want him to do anything embarassing.  She doesn't get the Jase/Holly thing.  Well, duh.  Scott's mom questioned his behavior.  She says that's not the Scott they know.  She doesn't know where all the lies come from.  He does have a boat, but it's the parents boat,  She found the birthday thing funny.  Jase's mom wants them to see the actual Jase.  Scott's mom says he has to do what he has to do.  Well, that's how you reach the gold.

Adria and Natalie switched 8 times.  Holly says she loves them all and has great feelings towards everybody.  She gives Jase stuff in case she goes.  Adria says it's been a roller coaster trip.  She thinks this week has been her biggest challenge.  She didn't think about going home and not leave.  Michael, Jennifer, Michael and Marvin have to vote.  Michael says Marvin helps the horsemen.  Will says Holly is very paranoid.  Marvin says Adria is a force.  That's clear and just shut up.

It's eviction time for the show.  It's a 7 to 1 vote.  Holly is evicted.  It's obvious that she's upset.  She hugs everybody and such.  Marvin goes to the bathroom.  Holly says her relationship with Jase took her out.  She knew her time was short once she joined Jase.  She says the girls were jealous and such.  Holly adores him and they are cuddlebuddies.  She said Jase fought to keep her.  She wants something after.  She wanted to be with older people and then once there were no old people.  Holly said her and Diane were foe-friends.  That's a very nice way to put it.  Will syas she's a very pasisonate person.  Michael says she'll be missed.  Karen really likes her.  She says Diane has an ugly side.  She's stunned at the twist.  She starts screaming.  She says one Holly is enough.  Holly says bringing the bible into it was very wrong.   

Jeez, they have a cardboard cut out of them.  They need to hold a button.  Jeez, this is gonna suck.  Once they press the button, they can't let go.  These people are complaining.  Scott says it already sucks.  This is so silly.  Saturday, we'll find out who is Head of Household.  Next Thursday the twist will be released.  The first five pick an envelope and have controll of groceries.  That's fucking hilarious.