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Week 04: Head of Household and Nominations

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Holly and Adria both being up on the block.  Holly thinks she's safe but th guys think she blinds him.  It was a 7 to 1 vote and the start of the Head of Household competion.  Can the twins last one more week?  Let's wait and see.  Let the Head of Household competion start.  Scott says if they don't win HoH, one of them is gone.  Diane says she desperatly needs HoH.  Adria wants her and Natalie both in the house.  Michael wants to do whatever it takes to win.  Jase says Holly's issues that he liked Holly and was jealous.  It's so clear.  Drew said nobody was so sorry to she her go.  Jase is upset that Holly was leaving.  He says he was betrayed by his hommies.  Jennifer got out in 1 hour 48 minutes.  Adria shaked her ass for Marvin.  Drew dressed up as Holly, sorta.  JAse blames Scott for sending Holly out.  Drew and Jennifer got beer and pizza.  Karen jumped out at 3 hours and 9 minutes for the food.  At four hours they can only use one hand nor switch or touch it with the other hand.  They're all willing to let Michael to have it, except dumbass Marvin.  He dropeed at 4 hours 12 minutes.  He fucked up majorly.  Will says he's crying.  Drew tries to calm him down and shit.  He's pissed at Marvin.  Jennifer tells Michael he did a good job.  Diane says it'll be a fight until the end.  Which it will be.  That's clear.

Scott says his arm is numb.  He touches his man and his box is DQed.  He calls her a bitch.  4 hours and 45 minutes in.  5 hours have passed and we got Jase, Diane, Marvin, Adria and Will.  Marvin just gave up or some shit.  Adria is out at 5 hours 21 seconds.  Her finger missed the button.  Jase and Diane talk about who they would put up.  Jase says the 4 horsemen alliance is falling apart.  Will makes a deal at 5 hours and 32 minutes and left.  Diane says they need a woman HoH.  8 hours, they need to have the feed on the block planted.  Jase makes fun of Cowboy.  Michael and Scott talk about what will happen if Diane wins.  Jase starts flipping out.  Diane wanted him to lose it a little more.  He lifted his foot at 9 hours 32 minutes.  The bitch is back and she's Head of Household.  Will says Diane will get the job done.  She tells Karen she did it for "you guys".  Will says Jase says it's part of his masterplan.  Jase says he'll be a little bit nicer to Diane this week.  Now, it's game on.

Jase does his mirror poses.  What the fuck is wrong with him?  All four of the guys pose in front of the mirror.  It's fucking hilarious.  Karen tells wedding stories.  Jase says his day isn't normal if he doesn't hear Larry 75 times a day.  Her stories are fucking hilarious.  Will is saying he knows so much about Larry now.  Marvin callls Diane's dogs ugly.  They are ugly as hell, though.  Scott doesn't want to make it obvious he hates her.  Adria likes the twins winning HoH.  Will says it's nice to have a woman Head of Household.  Scott says her sister is hot.  He's fucking stupid, they look the same.  Will and Jennifer want Jase out.  Jase thinks he's not going to see a key.  Jennifer suggests putting Cowboy up because nobody would vote him out.  Marvin would rather be up original than veto.  Bitch better hurry up and make a decision.

Michael talks about cowboy shit.  Nobody wants to here this.  It's getting fucking redundant.  He rides fucking bulls.  Are you fucking serious?  He teaches them cowboy shit, while the guys teach him beauty secrets.  Jennifer says he's nothing like the cowboys she knows from Texas.  Adria and Natalie switch again.  Natalie is excited that Diane is the Head of Household.  Adria tells Natalie to check up with Diane.  That's the most important thing.  Make sure you're on the same page.  Diane wants to talk to Karen and her posse.  Diane doesn't want to put Scott up.  She's a fucking idiot if she doesn't put him up.  Jase tells Diane he has no hard feelings towards Diane because they stood up there for 9 hours.  Scott says Jase and Marvin.  Diane has no clue who to put up and not.  She's torn between Jase, Scott, Marvin and Cowboy.  I like one and hate the other 3.

Diane gets her box and the keys and is ready to get it crunk.  Jase thinks he's in trouble.  Diane is gonna put up the haters.  Which is understandable.  She needs to nominate Jase and Scott, but should put up Scott and Marvin.  Marvin says there are 5 guys together, and one is sleeping with her.  Drew knows his ass is safe.  They all get ready for the nomination ceremony.  Again, the nothing personal repeated crap.  Will is safe.  Drew is safe.  Adria is safe.  Marvin is safe.  Karen is safe.  Jennifer is safe.  Micheal is safe lastly.  Scott and Jase are nominated.  Diane says that Jase is the strongest player in the game.  It's so clear.  She put Scott up Scott becaus she thinks he's gonna start racking in the wins soon.  They hug Diane and Karen shows her ass and wants them to kiss it.  Marvin says the veto is gonna probably put his ass up.  Go home, Diane.  And Scott.