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X-Treme: Episode 09

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The mission sucked and they sucked at it.  They lost and wanted Jodi gone.  They feel it may be easier to vote Jodi off.  Now they're picking names from a hat.  That's so retarded.  Time to start the picking.  Ibis picks Jodi.  Jodi picks Derrick.  Derrick gets Kina.  Patrick gets Ibis.  Kina picks herself.  That's really fucked up.  People probably would have preferred Jodi going instead of Kina.  This is complete bullshit.  She's upset and Derrick tries to confort her.  They pack her shit and move out.  Jodi feels guilty.  Ibis is crying and so upset.  Jodi says Kina was a key part to the team and made the missions fun.  Derrick is so upset she's gone.  Jodi feels guilty.  She needs to fucking go.  I can't stand that bitch.  Jodi feels like she needs to prove herself.  She says that communication is something she needs to work on.  Patrick says they may vote her ass off next.  Good for them.  Time to go to Argentina.  Jodi and Ibis want somebody nice and shit.  Nick thinks with the new girl, she'll get the attention and not him. 

Angela is 22 and from Cali.  She's a girly girl.  What the fuck?  She gives them the extreme key.  Derrick says she has a nice booty.  She has a boyfriend.  Nick wants to make her feel confortable.  Angela is a working woman with a bunch of college kids.  Her family are Johova Witnesses, and she doesn't do it anymore.  She's experenced a lot.  She calls her boyfriend and tells him that everybody is young.  She thinks she won't learn shit from these people.  Boy, she's really positive.  Patrick thinks it's tug-o-war.  They need to walk across a tightrope that are 50 feet up.  These people must be fucking insane.

They have to hold hands and shit.  This fucking sucks.  The people on the ends have a rope to hold on to.  Patrick and Nick say the strongest people should be on the ends.  Ibis doesn't want to be in the middle.  Her and Angela are the smallest and in the middle.  Patrick is fucking shaking.  This might not go through.  Ibis says they're swaying too much.  Jodi decides to lead.  First time she's actually done something.  They all just made it across.  Nick is happy this is the first time everybody had to do it together.  Angela is so happy she completed her first mission.  She's gotten closer with them.  They can put Jodi's communication problems behind them.  Patrick talks to Angela about his being there the first week and shit.  He tells her she'll fit in in time.  It's all good in the hood.