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Gauntlet: Episode 10
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We start with Rachel and Sarah's friendship. The two old nana's. Veronica is right. LT talks more shit than he can do. Adam is an ass. I wanna see his ass win a gauntlet. The truth does hurt, Theo. Abe, Theo and Sarah are making fun of Sarah going back to the gauntlet. This mission is so ghetto. I hate log rolling. It's so corny. They're putting on brraces and shit. Road Rules loses like 10 people at one time. LT knocks Sarah off. What a dick. He knows Sarah is the only other person who could go. Rachel (RW) is gone. It's very sad. Veronica randomly falls. Several Real Worlders knock off Road Rulers. Theo falls in the middle of his Hoo-Rah. Now it's a 3 on 3 when Coral goes. Then Adam goes. Bye Norm and Nate. Roni versus Mike in the finals. This is so funny. It's like Whoopi versus some strange white man.

Darrell is calling Mike a troll and shit. It's quite funny. Roni beats Mike. Back to a $40,000 gap. Mike and Roni get the Lifesaver. Rachel and everyone basically vote for her. Theo gets votes from Alton and Coral. The vote is so close. Sarah got screwed. LT had 2 less votes and Veronica has 1 less vote. LT didn't sack up. Sadly, Sarah is going again. Veronica tells them, look at the past three missions, w ho has fucked up the most. If she isn't pointing out herself and not pointing out Sarah, who is she talking about? This team is full of assholes. Cara has a big breakdown. She says they fucked up. Rachel and Sarah cry about both going at once. Sarah is so funny. She said, "when you get rid of the whipping boy, you're fucked." So true. This chick is gonna be one of the Road Rules best. This team has tons of shady business going down.

Johnny cursed. That was so funny. Cara is standing up for Sarah. She thinks it sucks she's against her best friend. I hate these fucking bulls. It's bullshit. The horses are going crazy. Sadly, Rachel falls off. Sarah wins, yet again. She's very upset her homegirl is going. Coral tells Adam off. Coral is kicking his ass. She is telling his ass off. So many points. Sarah is just babbling about punching a clown in the face and shit. So funny. Road Rules gives Sarah a cake. It's for winning all the gauntlets. She knows it's just ass kissing.