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Week 04: Power of Veto

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The standing and annoying HoH contest. Diane and Jase battle it out. Diane finally won that shit. That fucking sucks. Natalie and Adria swap again. Drew says the guys are screwed unless you're sleeping with her. Lucky bastard. Jase and Scott are both nominated. Diane called them the top guys. She just put a target on her ass. Jase says he's up but not out the door. Diane has a vendetta against Jase. Diane wants to talk to Scott. She wants Scott to stay. She tells him he's safe. He calls her smart. He's a fucking moron. Diane says Jase scares her more than Jase. Scott thinks Diane is unconfortable around him. They say if they win veto and Marvin goes up and gone. Jase knows he would go if the vote was today. Michael basically says if he can get Adria in a I saved you, so you save us situation. Diane tells Will and Jennifer that they said Marvin should go up. They basically need to get rid of Scott or Jase. Scott sucks a lot more than Jase. Marvin sucks more too. Diane and Will are staring at Drew. Will is jealous of Diane because they're both so attracted to him. This shit is fucking hilarious. Scott says they should take Jase off he tells this to Drew. Scott wants him to convinve Diane to put Marvin up. Scott says everybody says they love him. What a bunch of crap is that? He wants to try to persuade her one way to save the 4 horsemen. What a smart fucker.

Marvin loves Diane's hair. Drew says Marvin is a jokester. He makes jokes about Cowboy. He's so fucking stupid. His jokes are mostly corny. Will says Marvin is absolutely like a Chris Rock hotline. Marvin says his funnyness isn't strategy and just him. Cowboy is homesick. He misses April and his son. He says that he would love to have his son come visit. He's crying and very upset. He wants to see Jason so bad. He tells Will sometimes he feels like a wimp. He says it's very hard for him. There are pigs outside for them to paint. Karen goes outside and sees naked pigs and wants to paint them all. Karen says it's like Karen porn. Will says his pig is gonna go date Drew's pig. Will calls his piggy slutty. Michael paints it like him. Scott has a scary ass pig. It's fucking crazy. Karen says her pig is the cutest. Driane heads to the HoH room and Drew soon after joins. She says somebody she wants can go out if Jase gets the veto. Drew says if he uses the veto, she won't be sleeping with him no more. What a fucking slut.

Will calls himself fat. Diane says he's decided to hit on Cowboy. Diane, Adria and Jennifer find it hilarious. Will says he's the most unsexual creature in the house. Time for the veto competion. Diane picks Will. Scott picks Drew. Jase picks Cowboy. Not playing, you go outside. They each had to go to seperate rooms. The piggy banks have 13 coins. They need to give them to atleast 2 banks. If you're the closest to 20 without going over you win. Jase puts 12 coins in Jase's bank and 1 in his own. Scott gives Diane 12 and Will 1. Jase gave 11 to Diane and 2 to Will. Drew gave himself 1. Drew gives 4 to Michael, Jase, and Scott. Then the 4 to Will. Diane put one in each. She put 4 in Cowboy. They each put goggles on. They have to smash the pigs. Scott is first. Scott has 6. Michael has 9. Diane had 27. Jase wants to laugh. Drew has 7. Jase has 18. He kills the fucking pig. Will has 11 chips. Diane then says she could have put 12 and eliminated him. She made a stupid decision. Will says he hops he didn't move up the cerial killers list. Diane says he deserves it. Diane says she's the biggest idiot in the world. She could up Marvin or Cowboy. Jase tells Diane he won't put her up next week. She has to seperate them. Scott tells Diane if she puts Marvin up, he won't put her ass up. Get that bitch out soon, please.

Diane is looking at the picture. And they all talk about the painting in the HoH bedroom. Jennifer says it's a screen. Jennifer finds the spy screen and shit. Diane felt like a secret agent. Karen turns around and sees the screen and is in shock. She says they kept it a secret. Natalie says the guys knew about the screen for 5 weeks. The girls say it's our time. Will and Jase have a conversation. He wants to spin this. Jase says he wanted to help his numbers. Jase makes a secret alliance with Will. Will says he'll pick off the guys ecept Jase. That Jase should pick off girls but him. They need it to not be obvious. Jase doesn't even knows if what he's saying true. Will says if Jase gets power, he'll play him like a fiddle. They all say it's a win-win situation. Karen says Jase will sell Scott down the river. Jennifer says Scott is a smart kid. Marvin hasn't done anything supersmart. The girls are an alliance and need to vote Scott off. Get his dumb ass out of this fucking game.

Marvin says he needs a haircut. There's something wrong with him. He's bald as hell. He says Scott's head looks like a roosters ass. Marvin decides to cut his hair. He says he looks like a black super hero. Natalie makes basically the last swap. Natalie tells Adria to be extra careful to not screw up the final few days. She wants them to get Jase out. Jase is looking all styling with his hair and shit. Jase is obviously gonna save her ass. The question is who will they put up. Will says Jase is as erotic as a wet t-shirt contest at a nursing home. They're fucking creatures. Jennifer knows they made a mockery of this moment. Jase saves his ass and she needs to put somebody else up. Marvin now is up on the block. Scott and Marvin are nominated together now. The veto meeting is done and Thursday, Scott or Marvin will go. Will says they need to make the right decision. Diane says the power will be taken out one by one.