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Week 05: Eviction, Twist and Head of Household

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Woman having power in the house.  Jase says the guys are in trouble.  Diane wants Jase out.  Jase had won the veto to save his ass.  She decided to put Marvin up.  Adria and Natalie did their last swap.  And lastly, how will everybody act with the twins finally being revealed.  I hope Diane and Drew are pissed to hell.  We're already at day 35.  The first twist being the Jennifer/Michael brother and sister twist.  Adria and Natalie have switched 10 times and now they will go into the house together.  Scott and Jase were up and then Jase had the veto and Marvin went up.  Scott and Marvin said either one could go.  Drew says Scott has the horsemen vote.  They need to gather one more vote to boot Marvin.  Scott and Diane make some kind of deal.  Marvin kisses Diane's ass.  He's telling Diane he will owe her.  Adria says don't tell her to owe her.  Scott is pissed that Adria won't tell him anything.  Scott is fucking paranoid.  Both sides basically are talking about the vote.  Adria is fucking flipping out.  Scott hugs her and may want to keep Scott.  Will and Diane think Adria voted with them.  Will and Diane say she'll make four enemies with one vote.  Will was like it wasn't moving so he gave up.  Jase said that he is gonna be crazy the rest of the time there.  Adria says it's a blessing she's still around.  Karen says she can sleep with the girls or Will.  She talks about Cowboy and Scott's relationship.  It's time to vote.  Jase, Karen, Michael and Jennifer will vote.  Jase likes Marvin more, but he's a hommie with Scott.  Jennifer says Scott's a liar.  Michael says Marvin should have gone last week.  Jase votes Marvin.  Jennifer votes Scott.  Michael votes Marvin.  Karen votes Scott.  We got a good tie here.
Adria and Natalie have been playing for 5 weeks as one.  Diane and Drew have a lot in common.  Diane hitting on Drew.  Ben says it's cool to have a twin.  Diane says she's the bad twin.  She calls her the uglier twin.  Ben says their relationship isn't fake.  Lindsey says Drew's too good for her.  Ben feels bad for him.  Ben says the guys screwed him over.  Lindsey says Diane's foot is always in her mouth.  She calls her sister a big mush.  She's not doing a wonderful job.  Diane was shocked at the twin twist.  Ben thinks Adria being a twin he'll probably allign with ehr.  Diane says they'll do something with her or Drew's twin.  Diane says all the power is great.  She was glad to shut the boys up.  Diane felt stupid because Jase got the veto.  Diane is upset that the guys didn't tell her about the screen.  Diane says her relationship with Drew is great.  What a fucking bitch.  Will, Drew and Adria will vote.  Will says Scott is working Jase.  Adria says Scott has been completely different this week.  Adria says it's a numbers game.  Drew says Marvin is a persuader.  Adria says she's a target as is.  Will votes off Scott and Drew votes off Marvin.  Adria, has a hard time voting though.
Tonight, they can compete as two.  Adria and Natalie that is.  Scott says that he thanks everybody back at home and says he likes women.  He says Drew is like a brother he has never had.  Marvin says he'll haunt the people who voted for him, he'll haunt them in their dreams.  It's a vote of 4 to 3.  Scott has been voted out.  He says his goodbyes and leaves.  Jase says they gotta win this.  He fucking towers over Julie.  Jase decides to life weights before the competion.  Drew is pissed off.  Scott thought they had everything under control and shit.  He be wrong.  He doesn't regret voting off Holly.  Scott lied about the money because he knew he was a target.  He regrets lying in the game.  He realizes the lies were wrong on his side.  He said he took the game to far.   Drew says Scott was one of the coolest guys ever.  Will says he had to go with the group.  Michael says one of the Horsemen will still go Final 2.  Karen says 5 minutes before, she was 50/50.  Jase talks about Holly.  Scott is shocked to hell.  Adria and Natalie wish the best to Scott.  He says he knew that something looked different.  Scott wants to run in the house and tell them.  He says Jase is gonna freak out.  Natalie and Adria will both be in, next.
Natalie is in the diary room.  Diane can not compete.  Diane says there were 13 people.  She finds out 14.  Michael and Jennifer found out twist two.  Somebody has switched twn times.  The twin didn't know anything until the switch.  They all say it's Holly.  They couldn't be discovered or evicted.  Both twins are in the house.  It's Adria who has the twin.  They're all flipping out.  It's time for the Head of Household competion.
Time for a Head of Household question.  Diane can't compete.  Red is False.  Green is True.  There are 4 light blue stools in the kitchen.  It's false and everybody stays.  There are four bowls in the kitchen wall.  It's False.  Marvin, Michael, Drew and Jase are out.  The flowers in the wood room dresser are purple.  It's true.  Natalie is out.  There's a metal apple across from the memory wall.  They're all safe.  There are 8 noses on the face.  Jennifer has won the Head of Household spot.  Jennifer hugs Karen and stuff.  Well that's fucking crazy.  Natalie tells the group that they are a lot alike even if she carries another name.  Will said he almost noticed it.  He couldn't put two and two together.  Karen noticed the same thing too.  Time to look in on the people.  Natalie says her nose is different.