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Week 05: Food and Nominations

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Scott and Marvin are up and Marvin's planning to save his ass. Adria was on both sides. The girls doubted Adria. Scott's ass is out the house. Now twist number two. Here comes Natalie. Jennifer wins the Head of Household position. Let's have shit unfold. Jase thought Adria would save Scott. Michael said Scott going hurt. Drew thought it was a shocker that Scott. Diane is joyful as hell because it ruined their plans. Jase calls Adria a snake in the grass. Jase tells Marvin that he voted out Scott. Now that was just ridiculous. Jase keeps calling a hardcore liar. Marvin was pissed he was talking like that to Adria. Then Marvin is being an ass and says he knows what was going. Now the second twist. Karen was freaks out. Diane points to Drew. Jase just cursed out Adria then out pops Natalie. Diane was so dumb founded. Marvin was shocked as hell. Jennifer felt they had another vote. Michael says the twins change the game. Will is shocked and forgot about the Head of Household contest. Will was so happy because after the second question, Marvin, Micheal, Drew and Jase were out first. Jennifer is the new Head of Household. Jase and Marvin hug and make up. Michael doesn't feel safe, but it's his sister. Let' see who goes up and what goes down.

Jennifer finally gets to open up her room. She has a cow. She thought she would be sad when she saw the picture. Michael finally got to see his real father. He's crying yet again. All he does is fucking cry now. Jennifer is happy he finally gets to see his dad. Jennifer let's him keep the picture of her father. Will says them all have no fashion sense. Jase says you can't focus on what he's wearing because his armpits sweat like hell. Will hates the spiked dog collar on Marvin. He says Jennifer always is off a skateboard. Will says Karen needs to get out of 1985. That's fucking classic. Jase is screwed. Michael and Jase feel betrayed. Jase wants to go home. Jase knows he's next. He says they have more than them and Jase thinks it's over. Drew and Diane talk to each other. Drew says the slate is now clean. Adria and Natalie have stood up for Drew. This is according to queen bitch, Diane. She's so stupid. He says he can finally breakaway from the four horsemen. Marvin and Diane talk about nominating Marvin and somebody else as a pawn. Then he says everybody will vote Jase out.

Jase makes a sign and it's fucking hilarious. Jase says if you can't make them like you, make them hate you enough to take you final 2. Food time. It's a big pie table. In the pies they must remove food names. 5 pies have eat cards. One pie has a steal card. They can steal an eat card. PB&J for them with no eat card. Marvin pulls the first eat card. Karen pulls out an eat card. Natalie got an eat card. There's like 70 fucking cheeses. Natalie hated the spinach pie. Michael got eat. Will got the steal card. Natalie gets the fifth eat card. Natalie gives the Diane the eat card. Will takes Diane's eat card. Diane says she'll deal with it. Drew, Diane, Adria and Jase have PB&J all week. They then decide to throw pies at each other. That's so fucking classic. The old pie in the face.

Jennifer is the only smoker in the house. She started smoking when she was 14. She gets up and leaves when she smokes. Jennifer wants to quit. She has finally finished her last one. Adria is so happy she's finally done. Marvin says Michael busts up English a lot. He can't speak English. He's so fucking stupid. Karen and Will break up Drew Diane and then the twins. The twins need to go so bad. Jennifer has a six finger plan. She's the mastermind. Jase and Jennifer talk to each other. Jase says he loves to act. Jase says he didn't really like Scott. He tells Jennifer he's a loner now, so he says whatever happened in the past, he's just going with the flow now.

Everybody is outside waiting for Jennifer to make nominations. Jase says "Why not take me out?" He needs to pick two people he completely trusts. Marvin says now he's playing against both sides. Adria is hoping that Natalie's key gets pulled. Michael says Jennifer is gonna put up two people she feels confortable with. Diane says everybody is a threat. Expect the unexpected. It's time to bring out the box. She explains the rules and says it's nothing personal. Jase is safe. Karen is safe. Natalie is safe. Michael is safe. Adria is safe. Will is safe. Drew is safe. Diane and Marvin are nominated. Jennifer tells Diane that Drew's relationship and she's a hothead. Jennifer says Marvin is a smart guy, that's why he's nominated. Marvin says it was a fake thing. Diane trusts everybody. Will says Jase is clueless. Jase won't be in the next veto competion. Jennifer things his song and dance had nothing on her mind.