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X-Treme: Episode 10

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They're all talking shit about Nick. Then Angela entering. Winning a mission. One of the few. Jodi being a pain. They all want to go our to eat and then go to a club. They're talking shit. I like Nick, and they're all fucking being bitches. Angela doesn't know why Nick isn't fitting in. They want to vote him out next. Nick feels he's been defensive and that's where his comments come from. Not being there at the beginning and all. They have a good time in the club. Nick is the designated driver. He's upset about it. Patrick likes Buenas Aries. Nick is driving because the rest are sleeping or too tired/hungover. They may be jumping and doing a puzzle. Ibis says the next mission will probably be lots of team work. There's a truck and a statue. They need to pair off. They stand on a pillar. It's eight feet in the air and a truck flies by you. You have to land in a square holding hands, only feet can hit. Well, that sounds fucking complicated as hell.

Ibis says this mission is very winable. They say they should have a heavier person with somebody lighter. Angela and Ibis go first. Ibis makes a prayer before the mission. Jodi says they really help. Angela is scared. They basically fall laying down and outside the box. Angela is crying. They were late on the jump. Nick and Patrick are next. They make it. Derrick wraps his knee up. He's teamed with Jodi and they nailed it. Ibis and Angela have to get it on their second chance. The rope goes, they jump and then commercials. Well, shit. That fucking sucks.

The girls stand up. The guys think she's good. The landing was kinda rough. They're looking at the replay. I didn't see them hit the ground. Ibis's ass hit the ground. She's crying because she lost the mission. It's time to vote another person off. They may vote Nick off because he's new and shit. Derrick calls Nick the newest douchbag. Ibis feels like she should go, because she blew it. Angela gets to see the vote off. Ibis votes for herself. She feels bad and doesn't want to point the finger. Ibis cries and says she doesn't want somebody to be voted off because she failed. Derrick, Jodi, Patrick vote for Ibis. Nick says it's solely based on performance. She doesn't feel good voting for herself, but she says she has to go. She gives everybody their goodbye hugs. Jodi doesn't want Ibis to go, because she's the only original girl. Ibis says she has no regrets. Then we see the Ibis highlight wheel. She says, please win. Let's see what happens. Jodi and Derrick talk about them keep losing. They need a big W. Patrick talks with Nick. Now they want to get to know him and shit.