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Week 05: Power of Veto

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Scott getting the boot and destorying the horsemen.  He was cursing out Adria and Natalie pops out.  Jennifer is our new Head of Household.  Michael knows the boys are screwed.  Jennifer and the six finger plan.  Jennifer is the mastermind.  Jase took the bait.  Well, he's fucked big time.  A recap of Diane and Marvin going up.  Diane and Drew relationship.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Marvin needs to get the fuck out.  Jase was shocked as hell.  He got the first key.  Diane needs to go home too.  Jennifer's performance was great.  She wants to give a shock feeling.  Drew played the supporting boyfriend.  Karen descrribes the plan.  Jase goes up with no payroll.  Jase thinks his talk was basic bullshitting.  Jennifer keeps lying to him.  Jase thinks he's safe.  Michael trusts his sister.  Michael and Jase talk about voting Diane off.  He needs to kiss ass.  Michael sorta figured it out.  Natalie says the house doesn't get it.  The third nipple is finally revealed.  I believe it was Natalie.  Adria and Natalie tried to push the hair over the eye.  It's the guess which twin is which.  Adria did a secret game.  Natalie did the treatmill game.  Natalie wanted Michael in the shower.  Why the fuck would she say that?  Natalie has a smaller ass.  Jennifer is talking about the asses.  She talks about each twins different features.  Diane can tell the twins apart, being a twin and all.  Karen and Will talk about the twins being one team.  Diane says Marvin and Cowboy are next.  Diane is working with the twins so Drew makes four.  Then the other side is Karen, Will and Jennifer.  Well, that's very ghetto.

They all fucking dance.  They're all fucking nuts.  Michael was trying to breakdance.  What the fuck is wrong with him?  He fell on his fucking ass.  Karen is fucking insane.  She's talking to herself.  She's fucking insane.  Jase says Karen is nuts.  Marvin says Karen is crazy.  He says if you're in the kitchen for 14 hours.  Jennifer says Karen has multiple personality disorder.  This is fucking insane.  She doesn't like people talking about her food.  Somebody comments on her food and she goes insane.  Karen and Will talk to Natalie about the whole swap and shit.  They have the same morals and shit.  Natalie says she has her own identity.  Diane tries to confort Natalie.  People are realizing these twins are in the same gene pool.  Jase says the two girls sitting together is the most intimidating thing is the twins.  Jase figures out the whole plan.  Michael and Jase talk about the plan of him going up post veto.  Michael says Jase just got bitchslapped.  Which is absolutely fucking true.

Jennifer tells everybody veto time.  Jase asks Marvin to pick him.  Jennifer picks Adria.  Marvin picks Will.  Diane picks Drew.  Jennifer says Jase feels helpless.  Karen is the host.  Drew talks to Jase about not using it.  Drew's first lie in the game.  Karen is just insane.  It's a big fucking game of darts.  3 darts per turn.  Will says the veto doesn't matter who won.  Jase said, let Drew have it.  They all went after Diane.  Diane is done with the veto thanks to Marvin.  Adria took out Marvin.  Drew finished off Jennifer.  Adria took out Will.  He's so upset.  Although fake.  He finshes off Adria and Drew has won.  Karen says the house has won.  Jase was so happy Drew won it.  Jase tells Drew, Marvin is gone.  Drew says he doesn't want to piss anybody off.  Drew tells Michael, he's not going to use it.  Drew doesn't want Jennifer mad.  Bye bye horseshit. 

There are fucking ants and maggots in the house.  Will says there's undiscovered insects there.  Karen says the house is a biohazard.  Marvin says they got to be rich.  Natalie says 5 year olds are better.  Natalie cleans up the place.  It does look great.  Karen says a quarter of million for the twins.  Will says twins have the strongest connection.  Karen says family is a force to be a force to be wreckoned with.  Karen and Will say divide and conquer.  They want to be final 2.  Natalie and Adria strategize.  They say cowboy is the first target.  Now they talk about Marvin out next.  They alligned with bad people and made bad shit.  Adria and Natalie talk about Karen not wanting to play.  They say talk to people one on one.  They say Diane is good for them.  One is close to Diane the other is close to Drew.  Adria says Natalie won't backstab her.  What bull.

Drew and Diane lay in bed.  He tells Diane he might not use it.  She says she trusts him.  Trust is a two way street, bitch.  It' veto ceremony time.  Jennifer is gonna get pissed at Drew if he doesn't use the veto.  Drew gives them both a chance to speak.  Diane doesn't want to lose her sleeping buddy.  She goes around and says stuff about all but Jase.  Marvin says bros before hoes.  He wants the veto.  Drew decides to save Diane.  They all joke.  Jennifer now has to put somebody up.  Jennifer decides to put Jase up because he changed the most.  Jase and Marvin are up there right next to each other.  Jennifer hopes she rid the house of Jase.  Marvin says it could blow up in his face.  Diane wants Jase out because she hates Jase more.  Drew betrayed his alliance.  Jase wants to blow up the Diane and Drew romance.  That is so fucking great.