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Week 06: Eviction and Head of Household

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Scott is evicted and the twins are revealed. The horsemen face near destruction. Jennifer and her six finger plan. Drew gtes the veto. He saves Diane and puts Jase up. Jase tries to break up Diane and Drew. Hopefully that will work out. We're already at the halfway point. Scott's gone and Jennifer won HoH. Jase and Marvin are nominated. Jase is pissed with Drew. Jase says Drew said he would never use the veto. Jase and Michael basically tell Drew he could do better. Diane is such a bitch. Diane is pissed off because nobody has her back. She says she's strong but she's a huge bitch. I don't see how that works. Marvin says he's expecting he's going. Jase says his only friend is cowboy. Michael is hurt that Drew took his girlfriend off. Jase thinks he can flip the game. Jase says his mom is the queen of reverse psychology. He tells Will and Karen that he wants to be voted out. Drew says it was a tough week because he wanted Diane to stay. Natalie feels wonderful being herself. Michael says the house is quieter without Scott. Next up are the ex's. Michael, Drew, Will and Natalie vote first. Michael says Jase is an awesome friend. Drew says Jase talks about him badly on the other side. Will says Marvin is strategical. Natalie says Marvin is straight foward. Michael says his guys under estimated Marvin.

Now let's look at the ex's. Erika says it has been nice to not have anybody watching her. She misses her hommies. Expecially Jack. Robert says him and Erika wouldn't have talked again. Erika has forgiven Robert. Robert still doesn't respect Alison. Justin says Alison hurt his game. He found it funny watching her and Donny on Amazing Race. Alison says the Amazing Race was great. She said it broke them up. She sent Nathan an e-mail and then aren't friends. Jee misses everyone. Jee says he was offended at first by the nickname. Jee says he's a bigger man. Jun bought an apartment. She has a shrine of herself. No contact with Jee. She was given news that her dad was in a coma. Her dad passed away a month after. Jun says the first week the twist caught her attention. Robert says the ex is better. Erika says the twins are harder. Robert said he would have walked with two Alison's being there. Jennifer says it was cool and she was happy about him and gave him the picture to keep. Jennifer says she wouldn't put him up, but vote him out. Jennifer targeted Jase because he pisses on stuff, cheats, lies, all that good stuff. Diane, Karen and Adria share their thoughts. Diane says he has a great personality. Karen says Marvin defeated him. Karen thinks Jase hasn't spewed and thruth. Diane says she likes Jase because he's a risktaker. That's the point. Point, Diane.

Marvin's mom speaks about her son. She says he was a great boy. She thinks Marvin is doing a great job. She says it was wonderful. Marvin loves his momma. Marvin's mom is gonna give him a mouthful when he gets home. She says it breaks her heart when she sees Marvin nominated. Marvin thanks everybody. He thanks his mom and brother and Halle Berry. Jase says no hard feelings about saving the girl. He gives Diane a ceramic cat. He tells Karen she's going crazy. Oh well. This was great.

It's time for the vote results. We have a 6 to 1 vote. Jase is out. He says his goodbyes. They say congrats to Marvin. He wanted to be crazy and he has a blast. They had lots of power and ifluence so fast. Holly split the alliance up. He has no hard feelings with Drew. He says he was gonna exploit things and shit. No hold barred. Jase says his mother would probably vote for Michael to win over him. Michael says he's gonna miss Jase and try to get top 2. Will says he should change the way to change people. Diane says hi to Holly. Adria says that Jase got to go. Jennifer says she came up with the plan. Karen is insane. Drew voted out Jase. He said he drew the line in the sand. Drew has to go with the majority. Jase is surprised there was only one Holly. She meets him. Holly said she felt close with him. She has a fever. Jase has a crush on her. They got time to talk. Julie tries to get more out of them. Head of Household competion is up next.

They have been practing for the next Head of Household. They play a game similar to shuffle board. There is no exact strategy. Michael wants Head of Household. They need to get the puck as close to the line as you can. Adria is first. She's leading. Karen's up next. Karen is eliminated. Will is next. He barely missed the blue. Adria is still winning. Michael is up now. He is also short. Natalie is now up. Adria still is in first. Drew's up next. Barely ahead is still Adria. Diane is up next. Her puck is a bit off. Marvin is last. Marvin is short too. Adria is now the Head of Household. What else is going to happen? She didn't think she'd win. She said she sweated every person. Jennifer says don't piss anybody off. Next week will be the first jury member. About time. Adria says nobody is gonna sleep in Jase's bed.