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Week 06: Food and Nominations

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Diane and Marvin being fake nominees. Drew says he won't use it and saves his homegirl, Diane. Jase being pissed. Jase is gone. Michael is screwed and now the twin has the top spot. Fuck Adria in her big booty. Drew voted to evict Jase. He felt it was in his best interest. She said she was taught to kill with kindness. Michael says two brother out in two weeks. Will is so happy that Jase is gone. Marvin says this is another victory for him. Karen said it was a big sigh of relief. Will says he will sleep easy tonight without Jase. Michael says he went with his honor. He says Drew wasn't. Drew says he was torn between him. Michael wants to take Drew out of the house. Adria is finally Head of Household. Natalie was so excited about her sister winning. Jennifer says they want to feel her out. Diane said Will, Karen and Jennifer's face looked like they were depressed. Will says he feels safe. He says any of them are possible to go. Adria basically says Nat, Diane and Drew are safe. What a twin team. Fuck that. Time for her to open up her room. Natalie gets to see a picture of her mom. Will likes the CDs. Will screamed when she got Usher. Marvin said he was screaming like a little girl. Michael says he is a man of his word and Adria is good to trust. He says Natalie is a given safe. Michael tells Adria that she should put the biggest talker up. I want the twins gone.

Diane is so happy about Adria winning. Adria says time is limited. Diane says Karen, Will and Jennifer looked goofy. Diane says Marvin and Karen should probably go up. Adria says they can't be individuals. Karen, Will and Jennifer say them. That upsets her. Karen says don't sweat it. She wants to put up one from both sides. Karen doesn't know what's up with them. She has no name and Karen doesn't feel like part of the team. She says she's a sitting duck next week. Adria says she's not committing to nobody. Karen says she's not gonna say anything because it'll blow up in her face. She says whatever Adria does will benefit the group. Karen says Adria doesn't commit. Karen, Will and Jennifer say they shouldn't lie to them. Karen says don't say a name around them. Karen is worried about herself, Will and Jennifer. Karen says there is no more team. She says they're worse than Jase because there are two. The twins talk about Karen, Will and Marvin's bad habbits. They say Marvin and Will should go up. They don't want Karen up because she'll be a basketcase. Adria calls Karen the smartest player. Adria is going for the shock theory. What a fucking annoying bitch.

Jennifer tries to have an intelligent conversation with Diane. Diane is fucking stupid as hell. Jennifer is confusing her to hell. Diane says somebody needs to study the outside world. Jennifer says there's like a second earth. Drew hates the other people's food. He wants food. He wants to rub it in. It's food competition time. Two teams of four. Diane, Natalie, Marvin and Drew against Will, Karen, Jennifer and Cowboy. There were two giant picnic tables. One team gets a BBQ grill. They need to have a catcher of the food. Natalie and Michael are catching. Marvin and Jennifer and the grillers. Karen and Diane do the other things. Drew and Will do condiments. Only cheese burgers with all ingrediants count. The catchers must stay in a square. Will squirted Michael all over. Karen says cowboy gets nervious and usually doesn't get the rules. Natalie missed an ingredient. She lost the lettuce again. Not on the mat now for her. 3 violations for team one. Red team has 10. Blue team has 11. Michael, Will, Karen and Jennifer get to eat. Drew is pissed they lost. He blames Nat. Marvin makes fun of the other team. Will is glad because they won fair and square. Poor fucking Marvin.

They gave each other dares with the spy screen. Diane had to squeeze Michael's nipples. He then mooned them. Will put on a thong and danced with Natalie. Michael ran through the house naked. Diane is fucking crazy. Marvin says Diane stays long enough her ass is gonna be as black as him. Will says Diane will leave rusty brown. Will says they should keep her inside. Will talks to Marvin. He says he may go up. Marvin says it's him and cowboy. Will values Marvin's presence. Marvin says please don't leave to Will because then he'll have nobody to talk to. Adria and Natalie talk about putting up Will. Adria has to work to both houses. Natalie says she could get the house to vote her out. Adria doesn't want Marvin to sit there pissed off. Karen says it's bad and one of them are going up. Will says it was team team team. Now they are there and it's all about Adria. Will says it's the new Jase in HoH.

Adria has to nominate now. Marvin always expects to be voted out every week. She is still concerned who will be up. Will says he is safe, but may be put up. Michael says when nomination time comes around, things get worrysome. Diane says her ass is safe. Karen is freaked out. Marvin has no pair. He says Adria has Nat. Drew has Diane. Cowboy has his long lost sister. It's nomination time. It's now officially time to get it crunk. She says she's priveledged. Blah, get on with it, bitch. Jennifer is safe. Drew is safe. Natalie is safe. Michael is safe. Karen is safe. Diane is safe. Marvin and Will are nominated. Marvin is up because he's an awesome person and says she respects him and says it's time to really be Marvin. He wants to still listen to Usher. Adria wants to see Will rise up and bust loose. Marvin says Adria is a spineless jellyfish. Will wants to win the veto. He's coming back with vengence. Karen says if somebody wins veto she might say Cowboy will go up and last second twist it.