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X-Treme: Episode 11

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Angela and Patrick are flirting. That's fucking classic. Now time to meet Jillian. Anglea hates this bitch. With good reason. She's a tramp. Angela finally feels accepted. She says she's having fun now. Patrick and Angela are getting close. Angela calls Patrick pretty. Angela calls her boyfriend and hopes the new girl is older than her. They are probably gonna meet the new girl at the mission site. That's fucking rough. Jillian is 18 from Florida. What a tramp. Angela is pissed because she's younger than her younger sister. That's gonna have to be rough. She looks so fucking goofy looking.

Time for another mission. They have to tango or some shit. Some people want to learn this shit. They have to perform. Jillian is with Patrick and they're attracted to each other. They say they're gonna make it sexual. Nick and Jodi are working together. Derrick and Angela as well. Angela wants to know the next catch. They have to stay in a box. Angela thinks they're gonna fuck it up. They all need to dress up like tango dancers. Jillian may fuck up on purpose. Angela calls the new bitch a sex kitten. Patrick tells Angela off. They're dancing up in the air. Are you fucking stupid? They're gonna be 100 feet up. They get a point each second based on style and time. They need 450 points total. Each team is up there two minutes. They're fucking blindfolded. You can't be serious about this shit. Derrick says it's super hard. They're so close to the edge. They survive the 2 minutes and earn 120 points. They got 5 style points out of 120. So, now they need. 325 points. Nick and Jodi are up next. Nick says he imagines he's 10 feet on the ground. They survive and get 120 for staying on. They earned 40 points on style. They have a total of 290 points and need 165 or something.

Patrick and Jillian need style points out the ass. They are so close to the fucking edge. There time is up and thye got 120 points. They need 45 to win. They got 50 so they went over. Jillien and Patrick have won. Another key for the team. They decide to play hackysack. Angela hates the girls voice and age. Jodi gives her a chance. Angela wants attention. Now Jillian comes and she's getting all the fucking attention. That fucking sucks. This new bitch sucks. Jillian and Patrick are dancing and shit starts flowing. They start making out. Nick and Angela watch. Patrick and Jillian have sex. Angela wants to go home, she can't take these people anymore.