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Week 06: Power of Veto and Luxury

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Jase is finally gone. Adria is our new Head of Household. Everybody is worried about Adria's loyalty. Will, Jenn and Karen fear Adria and Natalie. Marvin and Will were nominated and everybody was scared as hell. Marvin calls her a spineless jellyfish. Marvin said her speech was basically bullshit. Will says she sails the team down the river. He says it was the worst speech since Jase's. Will says it was shock and awe. It's the black guy versus the gay guy. Marvin faught to keep Adria in the game just to bring her fucking twin. Marvin says nobody wants to break Drew and Diane. He says this is bull. Jennifer says they need to tell each other. Jennifer and everybody needs to talk to her. Those actions don't buy you time. Will says it was surprising and shit. Adria says they need to talk. Adria says people asked about putting him up. She says things are revealed in her prayers. Will says it's either Jennifer, Diane or Karen who said to put him up. He says their true colors are flying high. Will says if he wins Head of Household those bitches are out. Will tells Karen. Karen says their is no team without communication. Jennifer says people are nervous because nobody knows. Jennifer says people need to decide who is Adria and who is Natalie. Jennifer says that there being two Adria's, nobody has had a group meeting. Diane talked to a psychic before the house. She thinks Drew matches the thing. Adria says you'll find the truest loves in the strangest places. They're sleeping together. Diane has no idea what they are. Drew and Diane like being the bad twin. Drew says women are the devil, yet he's sleeping with the biggest bitch. Will says they get closer daily. Diane and Drew are making out. What the fuck is up with these two? Marvin and Will say they thought they would be listening to Usher. Marvin says it's a weak decision to nominate him. He says he defended her ass, and now, she's a backstabbing bitch. Adria thinks he thinks he was nominated because he's black. Marvin says the bible probably said it. Jesus don't want him in the game. Marvin also says, Jesus told you to vote off the black dude and the gay dude? It's so true. What a bitch she is.

Will tells Diane he shaves his whole body. Will says it's a bit much. Karen says he's a worry wart. Drew can't stand having chest hair. Diane likes clean cut guys. Will says he's scared of bosdy hair. Drew says he's clean as a whistle. That's fucking insane. Will says Adria is the demoness. Adria picks Drew. Marvin picks Michael. Will picks Diane. That bitch that suggested him. Adria let's her sister host this shit. It's Christmas in August. They need to earn the most amount of vetos. They can steal things from other people. Will got underwear and gets 10 veto points with his sweater. Cowboy gets socks and a sweater. He has 18 vetos. Marvin got nosehair clippers and skates. Drew got 8 vetos. Diane has 11 vetos. Adria steals the fruitcake from Drew and 8 vetoes. Drew gets mittens. Will has 17. Michael has 18. Marvin has 12. Drew has 20. Diane has 15. There is a twist. Will has a nervous attack because he expects twins to jump off the roof. Adria has 21. Adria picks a stocking. As does everybody else. Marvin gets 10 vetos. He has 22 vetoes. Diane lost all hers. Will gets to pick a gold gift. He gets an mp3 player. Drew gets a gift too. He gets a digital camera. Michael lost all his vetos. Adria gets 10 more vetoes. She has 31. And wins the fucking thing. Will says she burned enough bridges. Adria talks to Natalie about deciding about using the veto. Natalie says leave both up to keep Will. Take Will off any put Diane up.

Adria wants to talk to Marvin to discuss things. Marvin says she wants to make excuses. Marvin says Will is a pawn. Adria says Marvin is smart. She is just fucking making excuses. Marvin says he ain't bothering with her. He says part of the reason why she's alive is because of him. He ain't begging for the fucking veto. Adria thinks he doesn't want to be there because of his fucking atitude. Adria says neither of them want it. Adria and Natalie talk out loud. Adria says she would love it to be a tie so she makes the final decision. Therefore it makes it Adria's week. She's fucking flipping out like a bitch. Somebody slap her. Drew, Jennifer and Diane are shocked. Will and Marvin talk about her not using the veto. Marvin says he don't want it to be a poll. They both wants the two bitches in the house. Will says the Jase transfered from him to those two evil bitches. Marvin calls her hillbilly girl. That's fucking classic.

It's surprise time. They can win a movie. The luxury competition winners get to see "Without a Paddle". They get food and shit. They see a preview first. They're all laughing. Marvin said, me, cowboy and milf. Jennifer got stuck with the twins. Will is with Diane and Drew. They sit in movie chairs and wait for the rules. They need to piece together a puzzle and the third player needs to find the gold M & M. All three need to sit first and they win. Marvin and Karen decide to do the puzzle. Natalie and Jennifer do the puzzle. Diane and Drew are good at puzzles and do it. Diane and Drew were on fire. Marvin said they were rolling out the carpet like premiere night. Drew had problesm and Diane helped. Jennifer didn't do much for the twins. Drew and Diane sit first. Will is searching like hell. Will satrted slinging the M & M's out. They finished before anybody else finished the puzzle. Diane starts pigging out. Drew wants to eat all the popcorn. All three are jumping up and down. Will and Drew are playing with the paddles. The lights dim and it's movie time. They're all laughing. Drew and Diane are on a movie date. Drew loved the movie. He forgot he was in the house. They were fucking excited over junk.

We're back now with Adria calling veto ceremony time. She considers the risks. Go veto somebody. They hate you as it is. Will says in a perfect world, she'd take one off and put up her evil spawn. Will says she put them up for a reason. He's blessed whether he stays or goes. Marvin says since the lord game to her and said he would hate for her to disturb the lord's decision. He gives the game to the people. Marvin says it's been real and fun, but not real fun. Adria decides to not use the veto. Marvin and Will shake and meeting is done. Marvin says he would spit on her than get the veto. Diane says Will needs to leave. Jennifer says that the twins are the new Jase and Scott. Will says next week, if he's around, the bitches are going down. That's fucking a great thing.