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Week 07: Eviction and Head of Household

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Adria and Natalie talking about nominees. Jennifer and Karen were piseed to hell. Diane is playing both sides. Drew and Diane having fun. Adria has won the veto and says it's Adria's week. Adria is frustrated because she wants the decision to be hers. She keeps the veto and Marvin and Will are still up. Day 49, holy shit. The whole team broke up this week. All 6 houseguests will vote live. Adria will break the tie, if needed. Will tells Diane that he's bitter. She says she would never vote him out. Diane says she wants Adria to make the decision. Diane is stuck between both alliances. Diane says Drew was in the Head of Household for 45 minutes extra. Diane doesn't know who to trust anymore. Don't trust anybody, bitch. Natalie was talking to Marivn. Those assholes are plotting together. Diane isn't sure who they want out. She talks with Marvin. Marvin says Adria is on a power trip. Drew and Cowboy say Diane needs to go next week. Diane talks to Drew about being stuck in the middle. Diane tells Natalie put her up and kick her out next week. They say Diane is risking her own ass. Diane says whichever stays, her and them to the end. Karen says the house is cleaner without Jase. Diane says she's never eating peanut butter and jelly ever again. Michael likes the clean face look. Jennifer says she could give up an arm to leave the house. One person may be on the Young & The Restless. This is our first America's Choice. Next week we'll find the winner. Karen, Drew and Natalie give their thoughts. Karen says it tourments her. Drew says Marvin is such a good player. Natalie has lost trust with Will. Natalie says Marvin is in his own state. Drew says he can win trust if he keeps Will. Then do it, Drew.

Time to look at Will's friends. They say Will is a city boy now. One of his friends say it's drama and comedy all the time. Will loves his fashion. He pulls it off well. Will can play so many roles and can connect with everybody. His friends say he's a wonderful person and easy to like. They all watch the episodes together. The friends talk about how Adria is a bitch. Will knows what he wants and will get it. They all want Will to win it. They also want him back. Adria is alone in the Head of Household room. She says it was gonna be an easy nominations. She learned a lot about people this week. Adria thought her team was stronger than they acted. She says she wants the decision upon herself. She wants to be seen as an individual. She now knows her target is bigger. She gained respect after she was nominated. Now it's probably gone. Dumb bitch. Diane, Michael and Jennifer time. Diane wants to see Marvin put the twins up. She loves Will as well. Jennifer doesn't know what Marvin is thinking. Michael wants to take one out of a huge alliance. Diane doesn't want to choose.

The first evictee will be the first to vote for a winner. Will thanks his friends and family for the support. He says this time has been an enlighting experience. Marvin says he thanked everybody last week. Marvin mocks Will. That was semi-funny. They can not tell the other people their votes. Michael is first. Michael votes for Will. Karen is next. She votes for Marvin. Jennifer is third. She votes to evict Marvin. Natalie is next. She votes for Will. Drew is next. Drew votes for Will. Diane is last. She votes for Marvin. Well we got a tie here. There you go.

Adria must cast the deciding vote. Adria says this week was that she couldn't choose back then and now she has a great friendship with both. She says it has been a hard week. She votes to evict Will. What a fucking cunt. I hope her ass burns in hell. Will tells Adria is karma is a boomarang, he'll see her sooner than later. HAHAHAHAHA fucking classic. There is silence in the house. Will says she has put her true persona out there. He pled long and hard to save her, now she's an untrustworthy person. Will says they took their game play low. He made a swear with them. He says look at the history and she'll be gone soon. He says this week has been shocking as hell. He was full support with them. He says that it was crap because the two minorities were up. Diane says he belongs with her. Marvin says he was an inspiriation. Jennifer says there's a new fire. Will makes crosses at the screen. Karen says he wasn't worthy to go. He hates Adria more than Jase. Get the bitches out.

It's time for the Head of Household competion. It's who said it. They get to pick between Scott, Jase, Holly, Lori and Mike. A wrong answer gets you eliminated. Who said they would miss their puppy the most. Natalie and Michael are wrong. Jase is the answer. Their bad habbit is shopping while broke. It was Holly, they were all wrong. They pamper themselves by buying htings at K-Mart. It was Mike. Down to Jennifer and Diane. Who has no favorite author because they don't read. The answer is Scott, they were both wroing. Who said thier booty was too big for there body. It was Holly. Both were wrong. There most embarassing moment was dressing as a chicken for their dads company. It was Scott. They were both wrong. Who hates shopping. It was Jase and they are both wrong. The closest without going over. How many pounds were used in the luxury competition. Jennifer says 500, Diane says 400. Jennifer is our Head of Household. Jennifer is Head of Household, yet again. America's Choice will be revealed then too. They're all chitter chattering except the twins.