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Gauntlet: Episode 11
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Coral stands up for the ladies. Sarah is great. Telling LT off is awesomeness. Now if that asshole only went through with it. Nathan is pissed at losing. Nate, Norman and Mike know they're doing the best. Coral and Nathan cursin was so funny. I was dying. Nathan wants the whole game to turn around again. Adam is telling the guys to vote off the girls like an asshole. Coral and Veronica are completely right. They know they're doing better than some guys. Dave thinks it's sexism. If people look the weakest, it doesn't mean they are. Irulan and Alton talking about going to the gym. What skinny bitches! Theo, LT and other people are at the gym because they're afraid they might go to the gauntlet. This concept is so funny. I would puke. This shit is so crazy. Adam is a pompus ass. He thinks he's the strongest. Darrell goes first. He complains. Adam disses records. What a jackass. Nathan also goes. How sad. If Veronica's hands fell off and she stayed on the wheel, would she still be counted in? Well, if I was to give a funniest challenge, this would be it. It's so puke-worthy.

Help me lord? Is Matt still on the show? Cara and Alton are now gone. Cara should go back, I hate her. Not that fond of Alton, either. Now is Abe. Abe got DQed twice, maybe he'll go? There goes LT. Has he ever done good? Coral is now out. She's done her proving, she'll stay. Now Norm goes. If typing counted, Norm would be gone weeks ago. Bye Theo RR. Sarah falls off. I doubt either will go. Irulan is now off. Roni goes. Rachel is out. These chicks aren't going anywhere. It's Theo vs. Veronica. They both are immune. Both would probably go, if they didn't get it. There Theo goes. Veronica finally does good! Mike doesn't know what winning is. How sad. Veronica gets her ion, which she needed, as did Theo. The Real World meeting is getting strange. Coral wants to keep the team strong for the future. Alton volunteers himself, sorta. Mike approves Alton, he thinks he has a chance of winning. Irulan doesn't want Alton going, she can't vote for him though. Alton thinks he was honest. Which he was. Road Rules meeting time. Cara tells the team they've been fucking up. LT is sacking up. Sarah is happy for her day off. LT thinks he's gonna kill whoever RW sends in. Hopefully, that's not true. I am bias though.

Two bald headed black guys. How entertaining. They look like twins. They shake hands and shit. They are climbing polls. Alton can climb. LT can't. Plus he hates water. How much does that suck? I'm pretty sure LT will go. About time. Norman says they need Alton a lot. Irulan is nerveous. About what? She knows he'll win. There goes LT. He goes home. Nathan talks about the 7 strong. How great is that? LT wants them to keep busting ass. Hopefully RW can kick some ass in the near future. The girls win 2 missions. Mike knows that everybody is volunerable. No more strategy. Time to just vote randomly. I feel bad for LT. Except not, his time to go. Dave jokes about Montana. I don't miss that bitch either. LT hugs everybody. How funny.