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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Uncensored

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Real World vs. Road Rules challenge uncensored.  It's crazy shit.  Julie wanting to kill Veronica.  Never before seem shit.  1992 Real World started.  It was an instant smash.  1995 they started Road Rules.  Season 2, Road Rules pranked the Miami cast.  They had RW Boston vs. The Islands.  Big ratings in that shit.  1997, the first challenge was born.  2004 was The Inferno.  Veronica and Julie battling it out in the sky.  Road Rules was so far ahead, Julie had to knock Veronica off.  Veronica says they were up there for an hour.  Julie is such a bitch.  Julie starts yaking on Veronica's harness.  Julie starts doing it harder.  She's such a dumb bitch.  Veronica said that everybody's faces were scared.  Julie says she wasn't trying to kill her.  Julie says she would have stabbed her.  They have crazy casting people and shit.  They have to prepare for everything.  There was a mission on the Extreme Challenge that was unaired.  They had to catapult people.  LT wanted to go first.  The producers didn't want to kill people with that shit.  Some of these people are fucking insane.

Now the hooking up and shit.  Everybody and their mother make out.  Theo says they pick people like plates.  Everybody wants to have fun with each other.  Abram, Veronica and Rachel in the bath together.  Rachel's mom says it wasn't that bad.  Rachel says they never were so open about it.  Innocent fun.  They were on the shower wall.  Rachel says three times it was what you show.  Sarah and Theo were sorta coupling.  Theo says there are always people moving around.  Mike says everybody knew Theo and Sarah were together.  Veornica and Rachel made fun of the crossword puzzle.  It's a hurricane.  The great toga party.  A look at the VIP rooom on Battle of the Seasons.  Coral had to see penis, breast or vagina.  You could see all sorts of body parts.  That was great.

Not only the nice shit, now the mean shit.  Mark says there are gonna be huge fights.  Theo says there are assholes and idiots.  People in fear of going, flip the fuck out.  Katie vs. Veronica and shit.  Veronica and Katie's fighting carried onto the Inferno.  They were throwing missions to send Katie in.  Katie cursing Veronica out.  Katie saw red and she felt embarassed watching it.  Veronica said Katie was foaming out the mouth.  Katie wanted to hit the bitch.  Veronica wanted to get hit.  Mike broke up the fight.  Mike only wanted Katie there because that was there weak link.  Katie won the shit with Road Rules. David and Puck started fighting just out of Jamaca.  David started fucking with each other.  They didn't know whether spitting was bad.  The cast would walk if Puck left.  They decide to let David speak at Puck.  David spit during the intro scene.  He quit the show after the first mission.  David says he's not getting voted off, he walked off.  Look at Inferno 2.